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Stress, Depression and Heart Disease

There’s no doubt about it – the state of your mind can affect your heart health. Numerous studies have shown a link between stress and heart disease as well as depression and heart disease. There are believed to be many reasons for these connections.

  • Stress can cause people to behave in ways that increase their risks for heart disease. This includes eating comfort foods that are high in saturated fats and sodium, contributing to artery damage. Stress also contributes to alcohol use and abuse as well as increased cigarette smoking.
  • Depression can interfere with a person’s ability to make healthy choices. People who suffer from depression are less likely to take their medications as prescribed and they’re also less likely to eat foods that provide the healthy nutrition their bodies need.
  • Stress and depression can interfere with healthy sleep patterns, which are essential for a healthy heart.
  • Traumatic news or bursts of anger can trigger heart attacks.

What can you do?

  • Talk to your doctor about ways to handle stress and depression.
  • Take just a few minutes for a Guided Meditation that will help you relax.
  • Exercise acts as a stress reliever. Being active helps activate feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries. Get your body moving by joining the Centegra WellBridge Program.
  • Unwind with a soothing massage at The Bridge Spa. Studies show that massage therapy is an effective way to reduce stress.
  • Find a psychologist near you who can help you talk about your feelings and teach you new ways to handle stress and depression.
  • Watch our videos about depression and heart disease and stress and heart disease.
    Video: Depression and Heart Disease Video: Stress and Heart Disease



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