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Sports and Fitness

Sports Performance

Athletes at all levels and of all ages can reach their full potential at Centegra Sports Performance Lab. Through professional and effective training, healthy and injured athletes will benefit from sport-specific training so they can compete at their best.

Sport-Specific Enhancement

Becoming a more successful athlete starts here. Our highly skilled, certified professionals train both teams and H1 athletes to increase their strength, power, speed and agility; hence increasing the athlete’s level of success in competition.

    • Strength, speed and agility conditioning
    • Power and quickness
    • Group Sport/Team training
    • Neuromuscular control
    • ACL injury prevention training

Personal Training/Fitness Enhancement

Anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and be healthier overall can benefit from fitness enhancement. Our certified personal trainers tailor their training to help you look and feel your best.  We also offer Boot Camp classes for all fitness levels.

  • Lose fat and increase muscle
  • Lose weight and alter body composition
  • Increase endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Promote a lifelong program of physical fitness

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