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Sensory Learning Program

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The Sensory Learning Program is a multi-sensory approach which integrates three modalities: visual, vestibular (balance) and auditory which retrains the brain to help facilitate the reorganization of these systems.
These primary sensory systems are stimulated by lights, sounds and motion.

The Program

​It is an intensive 12 day program at the clinic, followed by 18 days of home intervention. 9f19d07147d28dfc6ae44c86d5807b3c  The program consists of two- 30 minute sessions each day for the 12 days, including weekends and holidays. The repetitive sensory activation of each session builds on the session before. During the 12 days, it is advisable for the child to not participate in their regular therapy sessions, which can resume once the child has completed the 12 days. After the 12 days of dual sessions, the individual returns home with a portable light instrument to continue the program with a 20 minute session each morning and evening for the next 18 days.

​Prior to starting the Sensory Learning Program, testing is conducted to evaluate the need for the program. It involves a listening profile, visual field test, sensory profile and other fine and visual motor skills tests as needed.

​The program works by engaging the visual, vestibular and the auditory systems by sensory inputs of light, motion and sound. When there is a breakdown in communication between these three systems, developmental delays may be present. By uniting the three modalities into one intervention it allows the individuals to better integrate sensory messages.

Each system is simulated by a separate instrument. For instance, the vestibular system is engaged by a Trochoidal Motion Table.4774cbee300eeac21c5254fabc6b8090 The table slowly rises and descends in a circular pattern, providing stimulation for the participant. In addition to the circular rotation pattern, the table can be rotated 90 degrees to provide a full range or stimulation challenging both the horizontal and midline axis. The visual system is engaged by a computerized light instrument which is programmed with nearly 100 color sequences based on the Syntonic Light therapy research. It is designed to gently cycle from dim to bright at programmed intervals. And finally, the auditory system is engaged by the Sensory Learning Acoustic Training Suite which delivers modulated music based on Dr. Berard’s reaserch on Auditory Integration therapy.

Benefits of the Program

A variety of individuals can benefit from this program. The intervention often results in improvement in the following: speech, visual perception, understanding, social interaction, gross and fine motor coordination, ability to learn and decrease in anxiety. Research also indicates that this program enhances the child’s progress during their ongoing therapy sessions along with benefits in eye contact, attention, following directions and many more.


​The Sensory Learning Program has provided individuals with a great deal of success. Research shows that 92 percent of parents surveyed believe the program was helpful. Call Centegra Milestones Therapy Center to see if this program is right for your child.