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Driver Rehabilitation Program

The Centegra Driver Rehabilitation program in Crystal Lake helps individuals who may have experienced a traumatic injury or illness return to safe driving. Centegra Health System employs an occupational therapist who is certified as a driving rehabilitation specialist. Driving rehabilitation specialists:

  • Are able to understand disabilities of all types
  • Have a background in vision and visual problems
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the brain and how it affects the skill of driving
  • Are knowledgeable about the physical requirements for elderly individuals or people with disabilities who drive

Program Structure

What to Bring

  • Physician order that states “Occupational Therapy for Driver’s Evaluation and Recommendations”
  • Current driver’s license
  • List of current medications
  • Form of payment (credit card, check, or cash)

Part I: Clinical

This portion is approximately one hour. You’ll begin by taking several tests so the occupational therapist can assess:

  • Vision
  • Perception
  • Thinking skills
  • Motor function
  • Reaction time

If you complete clinical assessment successfully, a behind-the-wheel evaluation will be recommended.

Part II: Behind-the-Wheel

In this stage of the program, you will complete a 90-minute behind-the-wheel test with a driving rehabilitation specialist who will assess your driving ability on all types of roads, including interstate. The Centegra Driver Rehabilitation program has adapted a car with safety equipment, hand controls, and other assistive devices to meet your needs, as indicated by the clinical assessment.


You and the occupation therapist will review your assessment results and determine if you are safe to drive (with or without adaptive equipment), are not safe to drive, or would benefit from additional driver training to try and improve your on-the-road safety.

Physician Involvement

The results of your assessment will be sent to your ordering physician. If you pass the assessment, your occupational therapist will instruct you to talk with your physician before you resume driving to obtain medical clearance from your doctor.

If necessary, your physician can call 815-356-2700 to schedule another evaluation should he or she feel you would benefit from a re-evaluation at a later date.

Additional Training Information

Call the Centegra Neuro-Rehabilitation Center in Crystal Lake at 815-356-2700 to make an appointment for additional driver training. Flexible scheduling is available. Out-of-pocket costs may be incurred.