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Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

One of our newest services utilizes our state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Center, designed by our certified physical therapists and complete with private locker rooms.

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  • Children who experience difficulties participating in weight bearing activities, cardiovascular exercise and strengthening activities on land
  • Those who have difficulties with motor planning and/or body awareness
  • Children with difficulties regulating themselves to participate in therapeutic activities


  • Warm temperatures in the pool decrease spasticity, tone, spasms and pain
  • Three-dimensional resistance increases strengthening
  • Improved cardiovascular functioning and physical conditioning
  • Strengthening of breath support and respiration facilitates speech, eating, etc.
  • Immersion in water reduces edema
  • Innate proprioceptive input from the water increases regulation and decreases sensory sensitivities
  • Improved motor planning and body awareness due to extra input to muscles and joints
  • Increased carryover of appropriate movement patterns to land
  • Safer challenges to stability without fear or consequence of falling

New Clients

Have your pediatrician write a prescription for “Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment to include aquatic therapy,” and call us to set up an evaluation.

Existing Clients

  • Speak to your therapist about adding aquatic therapy to your plan of care
  • For the first session, make sure that your child has a swimsuit and towel, a swim diaper, swim shirt and/or earplugs if necessary