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All-Night Sleep Study

Diagnosis for Sleep Disorders

An all-night sleep study helps physicians understand exactly what happens while you sleep. During the test, the following measurements are recorded on a computer and a polygraph:

  • Brain wave patterns
  • Muscle tension levels
  • Movements of eyes
  • Amount of oxygen in your blood
  • Amount of air you breathe in and out
  • Movements of your chest, abdomen, and legs
  • Heartbeat

 Schedule a sleep study if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Suspected sleep apnea (stopping breathing or gasping for air during sleep)
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Loud, intermittent snoring (usually resulting in the bed partner sleeping in another room)
  • Unexplained morning headaches
  • Chronic disturbed sleep (insomnia)
  • Other unexplained sleep behavior (seizures, chest pain, waking suddenly)