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What to Expect: MRI

MRI machines use a strong magnetic field to produce images of many different structures within the body.

For safety reasons, you will be pre-screened during the scheduling process and again prior to your exam by a registered technologist. This process helps our technologists identify whether you have any metal implants in your body. If you have metal implants and if you have device identification cards from the manufacturer, please bring them with you the day of your appointment. You will also need to provide a list of your current medications and dosages. If you would like to fill out your screening forms prior to your appointment you can print the below and bring them with you the day of your scan.

Prepare for Your MRI

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to check in and complete paperwork. Please wear comfortable clothing that does not have metal snaps, zippers or buttons. If you are wearing clothing with metal you may be asked to change into scrub pants and a gown. You will be provided a locker to secure your personal belongings during your scan. Please leave valuable items at home.

For the MRI, you will be comfortably positioned on the scan table. You will be offered your choice of earplugs or headphones to listen to music, depending on the part of your body that is being examined. Most MRI exams last between 30 and 60 minutes. If you are having multiple exams your test may take longer.

If you exam is ordered with a special contrast dye, the technologist will insert an IV into your arm to inject the dye during your scan. If you have had an adverse reaction to MRI contrast in the past, please notify the scheduler when making your appointment.

If you have claustrophobia, your doctor may prescribe a sedative medication for you to take prior to your MRI scan.

The technologist will provide you a call button after positioning you in the machine. If you experience any discomfort during your exam you can notify the technologist by pressing the call button. An MRI exam uses multiple scans to develop complete images of the area of interest. Between scans the technologist will be able to speak with you through an intercom system.

After your exam is complete a radiologist will review all of your images. The radiologist’s interpretation of the exam will be sent to your physician in a report. Once your physician receives the report he or she will contact you to discuss your results.

Centegra’s Medical Imaging team wants you to feel comfortable before, during and after your test. If you have questions prior to your exam, please contact our scheduling department 815-334-5566. If a scheduler is unable to answer your question he or she will have an MRI technologist contact you.