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Special Care

Every parent hopes for a normal, full-term birth for their child. Some infants, however, may need more help in their first moments to get off to a strong start. That’s where our team can help.

24-hour Coverage by Neonatologists at the Family Birth Centers at McHenry and Huntley

The first moments after birth can be critical for stabilizing a premature or fragile infant. That’s why at Centegra we are committed to having board certified neonatologists (pediatricians with special training to care for premature and sick newborns) present in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Centegra, we have partnered with Onsite Neonatal Partners, one of the nation’s leading practices in compassionate, evidence-based neonatal care. Onsite performs the following critically important services for our fragile babies:

  • Attendance at births in many situations
  • Caring for infants in the special care nursery or intermediate care nursery
  • Performing well infant exams for healthy, full-term infants at the request of the pediatrician or Hospital
  • Providing state mandated newborn hearing screenings

For more information about Onsite Neonatal Partners, please check their website or call 856-782-2212 to discover more about the needed services they can provide for your infant and to get your insurance and billing information set up.

A Dedicated, Compassionate Team

Many healthcare professionals are involved in the care of sick and/or premature infants. In addition to Onsite’s team of neonatologists, the unit has a specially trained team of care providers dedicated to providing your baby the highest level of specialized care possible. This team includes nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, specially trained nurses, case managers (social workers), pharmacists, dietitians, hearing screen technicians, and more.

Whether expected or unexpected, the admission of your baby to the special care nursery can be a stressful time: we are here to ease the burden for you. Prenatal consults, nursery tours, and educational sessions are available for you to plan and prepare for your stay. Whether your visit is quick, or if your baby needs some extra time to grow strong, rest reassured that at the family birth centers, you and your family are in good hands.