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What You Should Know about Health Care Reform

Open enrollment is here!

Starting this past week, for the first time, millions of uninsured Americans in every state in the country have access to a Health Insurance Marketplace where they have more choices, more affordable health insurance plans and new financial help to access health coverage and care. Enroll America president, Anne Filipic, posted a message on her blog to mark the historic launch of open enrollment. With such a major undertaking, she said she always knew that there would be some glitches and kinks in the system as it gets up and running.

She said the important thing is that those problems are being identified quickly, solutions are being devised and we are sharing those solutions with enrollment experts across the country. This is not a sprint but a marathon, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Go through enrollment process

If you want to see how the online application and enrollment process will work for the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, watch this video that walks you through the single, streamlined online application by showing how a user can create an account, fill in the application and see which new health insurance options users are eligible for.

What does Health Care Reform do for People on Medicare?

The new health reform law benefits people on Medicare in a number of ways. Learn more about health care reform with this three-minute video explains some of the ways, such as ending out-of-pocket expenses for recommended screenings, checkups and other preventive services. It features John Rother, executive vice president of policy and strategy for AARP.

This video is part of a series produced by the non-partisan Alliance for Health Reform in Washington, DC ( It explains simply and in concrete terms the major provisions of the health reform law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010). The series is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

2014 is coming–are you ready for Obamacare?

Join the YouToons as they walk through the basic changes in the way Americans will get health coverage and what it will cost starting in 2014, when major parts of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” go into effect.

Written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Narrated by Charlie Gibson, former anchor of ABC’s World News with Charlie Gibson and a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Creative production and animation by Free Range Studios.

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