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Diabetes Nutrition

At Centegra Health System, we want to teach you how to be healthy and how to stay nourished with essential vitamins and nutrients and no added sugar. Understanding nutrition will help you prevent complications from your diabetes diagnosis.

People with diabetes may think they need a low-carbohydrate diabetic diet, but carbohydrates are necessary for energy and fuel to get through the day. The trick is choosing the right carbs to eat and enjoy.

The registered dietitians at Centegra have a moderate approach to dieting. They focus on healthy eating and achieving a balanced food plan that includes:

  • Lots of whole grains
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Low-fat protein

Why Does it Matter What I Eat?

One of the only ways to reduce complications from diabetes is to change your diet. This is achieved through an education process that teaches you how to nourish your body. Our registered dietitians are constantly creating innovative ways to teach you about healthy eating.

Nutrition education begins as soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes. We have two registered dietitians available at all times to help you throughout your journey. After diagnosis, they meet with you individually for an hour to discuss the following:

  • Food history
  • Food types and preferences
  • Individualized meal plans based on the foods you like

Nutrition Beyond Treatment

Dietitian support does not end after you have completed the Diabetes Self-Management Class. Registered dietitians support you throughout your classes and in the future by:

  • Identifying what causes your eating behavior
  • Teaching you about insulin injections
  • Providing a shopping list based on your food record
  • Consulting with you about weight loss
  • Helping with behavior management

Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center

Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center will help you develop and maintain healthy dietary and exercise habits. Whether you want to lose weight, increase energy, decrease risk for disease, or simply eat better, our staff is here to help you!

Learn more about Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers in Huntley and Crystal Lake.