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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Centegra Hospital-Huntley is currently under construction and is scheduled to open August 9, 2016.  Since the announcement of Centegra Hospital-Huntley, we have received tremendous support from the community.

The hospital will be a 360,000 square-foot, 128-bed facility that offers state-of-the-art technology and a bright and airy architectural design intended to facilitate wellness and recovery. Click here to learn more about the services that will be offered at Centegra Hospital-Huntley.

The project has created more than 800 construction jobs, having a total economic impact of $152 million on area communities. An additional $45 million is expected to go into the southern McHenry County and northern Kane County communities through salaries and the purchase of medical equipment and furnishings. Centegra Health System expects to eventually employ about 1,000 Associates at Centegra Hospital-Huntley. For updates on the hospital’s progress, visit our updates page.

Will the Immediate Care Center and other Centegra facilities remain open, including Centegra Hospital-Woodstock?

Yes. The expansion of services to Huntley will augment our other Centegra services including the Centegra Immediate Care Center in Huntley and our services at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock. As always, we continually evaluate our programs and services to ensure they meet community need. If changes are made in the future, they will be communicated.

Will the new hospital raise the cost of care for patients?

No. In fact, it will be the most responsible and efficient way to coordinate health care for our patients across our health system.

I see a Centegra doctor at the McHenry or Woodstock campus. Will I still be able to see him/her there?

Many of the physicians on staff at Centegra will continue to see patients at their current locations. We will communicate with you on any changes regarding where physicians see patients.

Is Centegra Health System hiring?

We continue to experience growth and are always hiring for all locations.

Learn more about how Centegra Health System is growing and available career opportunities.

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What outpatient services will the new hospital have?

The outpatient imaging center will remain and will address the majority of outpatient imaging needs. New services include an emergency department and same day surgery. A new medical office building is also being built and is projected to open in spring 2017. Centegra Hospital-Huntley will service mostly inpatients.

What will the trauma level be of the new hospital?

Centegra Hospital-Huntley will be a Level 2 Trauma Center, the same as Centegra Hospital-McHenry.  As a Level 2 Trauma Center, Centegra Hospital-Huntley will be able to initiate definitive care for all injured patients.

Why do plans call for a helipad and will a helipad be safe?

An on-site helipad will ensure that those patients with the most critical needs will receive the lifesaving care they need. Centegra is working with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration to meet their stringent safety requirements and ensure the safety of patients, staff and area residents.

Will ambulance sirens annoy neighbors?

We do not anticipate noise levels to be a nuisance to neighbors; however, noise levels are continually being addressed.

What is the plan for additional parking?

Additional parking is being added for the convenience of our patients and visitors. Also, parking will be added to the north side of the existing health center. The entrance will be relocated to the north side of the building.

Will the new hospital cause an increase in traffic in the surrounding area?

Outpatient facilities (such as our existing medical office building and fitness center) have much higher traffic than hospitals. We have worked with the village of Huntley and an independent traffic consultant to study any potential impact to local traffic. We also are building additional entrances to the campus, which will lessen the traffic at the existing entry point.

When can McHenry County residents expect the potential new facility to be up and running?

We plan to see our first patients on August 9, 2016..

Are there any plans for future expansion?

Yes, we have designed the facility with the ability to expand as the community grows, ensuring that every need is met.