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Hospital Pricing and Out-of-Pocket Expense

Centegra encourages patients to call the Centegra PriceLine to determine your estimated out-of-pocket costs for particular services within Centegra hospitals. In addition to providing a realistic patient amount due for services, the Centegra PriceLine also provides counseling and awareness about our payment terms, payment plans, possible financial assistance and charity discounts available to our patients.

Call the Centegra PriceLine at 815-759-4308 to receive support from our experienced team. You will need to provide the name of the test for which you want the pricing estimate.

Based on the Public Health Services Act, hospitals are required to share their policies about ways patients can get pricing and out-of-pocket expense information. Centegra goes one step further than providing its policy by offering individualized cost estimates to patients who contact the PriceLine.

Please note: Centegra PriceLine provides information about the out-of-pocket costs of Centegra hospital services. This does not include the costs of hospital-based physician services such as medical imaging, laboratory and anesthesia or the cost of physicians who provide your bedside care.

For more information about insurance carriers accepted by Centegra visit our insurance information page.