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News: Worksite Wellness programs promote healthy living

HUNTLEY – The decision to make a change in favor of a healthier lifestyle is a personal one and many seek motivation from external sources like Centegra Health System’s Worksite Wellness Program. Participants in the program are encouraged to strive for their own personal goals while working with their co-workers and friends to achieve the best results.

Centegra Worksite Wellness benefits both the business that funds it and the employees who use it, and can be seen as a gift that keeps on giving. By investing in the health of their workers, employers show their commitment to the health and well-being of the people that make their business function. In return, Worksite Wellness is shown to benefit business through increased retention, reduced absenteeism, fewer, less costly claims, reduction in insurance rates and boost employee morale.

Norma Jensen, Human Resources Manager at Genesis Medical Imaging in Huntley, knows the impact of Centegra Worksite Wellness firsthand. Just one year ago Jensen was 15 pounds heavier and less motivated to change her lifestyle habits.

Jensen began her journey with Worksite Wellness in June 2009 with the Walkabout Program that tracked her walking mileage for eight weeks. If the positive feelings she enjoyed with staying active wasn’t enough motivation, when she found out her mileage added up to a walk around Australia, she decided the program was well worth it and continued with the Holiday Meltdown Program. The friendly competition between co-workers served as motivation and inspiration for Jensen. After the Holiday Meltdown, she lost the most weight for females in her department.

One of the first decisions Jensen made once beginning work at Genesis Medical Imaging was to bring Worksite Wellness into their office. They have started the Invest in your Health program and Jensen said they have the rest of their programs outlined for the remainder of the year.

The biggest motivations for Jensen are the encouragement and help she receives from her co-workers; they help her stay motivated by sharing ideas and recipes.

“I also like the workbook provided by Centegra, along with the weekly and bi-weekly tips we receive from our Worksite Wellness Coordinator,”  Jensen said. “There is a midpoint, final session that helps us track and measure our progress and a small celebration at the end of each program to congratulate individuals on their success, however big or small.” 

What sets  Centegra Worksite Wellness apart for Jensen is the wide variety of wellness programs offered and their ability to meet the needs of  so many  throughout the year. She is now excited to stay active and continue her wellness journey with the help of her co-workers and Centegra Worksite Wellness.

Centegra Worksite Wellness is dedicated to developing creative solutions to fit individual needs. In addition to on-site wellness programming, similar to Jensen’s experience, Worksite Wellness also offers  Health Risk Appraisals,  safety training, OSHA screenings, immunizations and vaccinations and  Centegra Wellness on the Move mobile unit will visit on-site to give screenings for employees.