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News: Teddy Bear Clinic 2005

Woodstock–Children are invited to bring their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal and their parents to Centegra Memorial Medical Center’s Minor Care Center Teddy Bear Clinic and Open House on Saturday, January 22, 11am-4pm at the hospital.

Children and their stuffed animals will have the opportunity to experience an ‘Official Check-up’; and learn what might happen when they need to come to the hospital when they are sick or hurt. They will visit several care stations and meet healthcare providers including emergency department nurses who will give an assessment of their stuffed animal’s current health, a medical imaging technician who will help explain what happens when patients (including stuffed animals) need an x-ray, a phlebotomist or laboratory technician who will teach the children about the different types of tests that may be performed to help the doctors and nurses find out what is making them feel ill or hurt. The surgical team will also be on hand to show guests the outpatient surgical center and answer any questions the children or their parents may have about having surgery.

“Having to come to the hospital when you’re sick at any age can be a frightening experience because of the fear of the unknown. We are hoping that by inviting kids and their parents to visit the Minor Care Center and the adjacent emergency department in a non-stressful situation, like at the teddy bear clinic, it will help to reduce their anxiety about coming to the hospital when they are sick and in a more pressing situation,” Laura Preston, RN, Director of Emergency Care for Centegra Memorial Medical Center, said.

The Minor Care Center at Centegra Memorial Medical Center is designed to take care of less-emergent health problems including ear aches, colds and fevers, stitches and orthopedic injuries. The center is open daily from Noon to 10pm and is conveniently located next to the Level II Trauma Center, which is staffed with highly-skilled healthcare professionals ready to handle more urgent situations.
Children will also have the opportunity to enjoy healthy refreshments, give-aways and to sign up to win many prizes including free family first aid kits and gift certificates to make their very own stuffed animals.

For more information, call 800-422-3627. Guests should enter the hospital through the main entrance and follow the signs to the Teddy Bear Clinic and Open House. Centegra Memorial Medical Center is located at Route 14 and Doty Road.