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News: Physicians can now prescribe exercise with Centegra WellBridge Program

Centegra Health System is excited to introduce its new exercise prescription for patients. The Centegra WellBridge Program is a 60-day membership to Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers (CHBFC) at a low cost.

The membership provides the patient and a support person full classic membership benefits at the cost of $60 per person, weekly WellBridge classes, a free three-phase fitness Bridge Assessment, a designated and supervised fitness area, a fitness evaluation sent to physicians by fitness coaches, special weekly classes, discounted nutrition and wellness coaching services, plus a zero enrollment offer to join as a continued member.

“The Centegra WellBridge Program aligns with the Centegra mission and strategic plan to promote community health and prevent admissions and re-admissions to the hospital,” said Matt Carlen, vice president of health and wellness. “Physicians and clinicians can now do more than recommend their patients exercise. They can actually prescribe it and offer their patients an affordable, supervised entry into the region’s leading fitness and wellness centers.”A physician or clinician referral is required. The patient and support person can activate this special membership at Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center in Crystal Lake or Huntley. For more information contact Kim Piraino, sales and marketing manager, at or 847-802-7004.