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News: Over 400 women attend the Centegra Health Strong Woman Event

More than 400 women attended the third annual Centegra Health Strong Woman Event held Wednesday, February 18 at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn. The Health Strong Woman event provided women of all ages with a day to take time for themselves in honor of a healthier lifestyle.

More than 20 interactive, informational health-related booths provided a health information wonderland for women to learn about the many important aspects of getting healthy and staying healthy including heart health, bone and joint health, fitness/wellness, nutrition, cancer prevention, “Ask a Doctor”  booth with Centegra Primary Care physicians, Bariatric Surgery, maternity care, breast health, medical imaging and behavioral health. During the healthy lunch, attendees enjoyed a fashion show hosted by various retailers from Algonquin Commons Shopping Center and learned valuable healthy tips related to heart health from The University of Kansas Hospital cardiologist Rhea Pimentel, MD, and a presentation by Centegra Primary Care obstetrician and gynecologist Mark Parra, MD on Ten Tips for Better Health.

According to Dr. Parra, many women just don’t take time for themselves; they are busy worrying about taking care of everyone else in their lives and not concentrating on their own health. “Women can make significant changes in their own lives by incorporating simple tips into their every day lives,”  Dr. Parra said. “One easy lifestyle change is to eat your larger meal during the lunch hour instead of at night at dinnertime; you feel better and burn the calories off during the day when you are more active.” 

Other important tips Dr. Parra shared with women include stealing a workout every day, scheduling and keeping your yearly preventive care screenings/appointments, enhancing your fitness with food, socializing with friends, drinking more water, power napping, grape juicing it up, protecting yourself from the sun and taking your vitamins.

Also available to women in attendance were valuable free health screenings including, cardiovascular health screenings with Heart Aware (which is also available online free to men and women by visiting, Body Mass Index testing, diabetes screenings, blood pressure testing, skin cancer screenings, vascular screenings and bone density screenings. Women also had the opportunity to have a bra fitting by a certified bra fitter and to try out a Wii video game to see how the popular game can help with fitness and physical rehabilitation needs.

In the previous two years, Centegra presented its yearly program as the Heart Strong Woman, but this year the event was made broader to encompass all of the ways women need to stay healthy.

“It is vital for women of all ages to take time for themselves and their own health,”  Michael S. Eesley, Centegra President and CEO said. “We hope that by giving women the opportunity through this great event to take advantage of valuable health screenings and health information, more and more women will become health strong,”  he added.

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