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Hip replacement surgery advances at Centegra

Two Centegra Health System orthopaedic surgeons are performing a different approach to hip replacement surgery that offers the potential for a faster recovery and improved mobility.

The anterior approach for total hip replacement is a muscle-sparing alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery that is performed by Dr. Albi Qeli of Northern Illinois Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Dr. John Daniels of Crystal Lake Orthopaedics.

The surgeries are performed at Centegra Hospital-McHenry, which means that patients can receive the benefits of the latest surgical advances without traveling far from home.”During the anterior approach surgery, we spare muscles and tissues from injury by working between them,”  said Daniels. “ Traditional surgery involves detaching tissues from bones, which we can now avoid by going through a small incision on the front of the hip.”

Patients who are candidates for anterior approach surgery may have arthritis or vascular necrosis, which is the death of the cells in the bone. Physicians carefully assess each patient to see whether the anterior approach is an option for his or her hip replacement surgery.”The patients who receive this surgery have a strong possibility for faster recovery because important muscles are not detached or cut,”  said Qeli. “Because the incision is on the front of the hip, there is also less pressure on it when a patient sits or lies down.” ”I believe that the true advantage to this approach is that we are able to use live x-ray during the procedure due to the use of the specialized surgery table,”  Daniels said. “This allows us to implant the prosthesis more accurately.

Also for some patients they may experience a faster recovery because no tendon or muscle is divided. I think this represents another advance in modern orthopedic surgery available at Centegra.” Both physicians said new technology that was purchased by Centegra Health System helps this procedure be more efficient. A special orthopaedic surgery table helps the surgeons access the hip with less manipulation of the patient. Computer and X-ray technology are also used to ensure the surgery has the best possible outcomes.”With the anterior approach the potential exists for a hip replacement technique that truly respects the muscles and the tendons of the hip. As a consequence, I typically don’t prescribe dislocation precautions after the surgery. The process is much simpler for the patient, including toilet care and sleep,”  Qeli said. “However, many factors determine how well a patient will recover, including age, weight, amount of exercise he or she receives and whether there are other issues involved.”The anterior approach to hip replacement surgery is another way Centegra Health System partners with physicians to bring complete orthopaedic care to the people of greater McHenry County.

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