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News: Foundation helps health system purchase surgery robot

Patients in greater McHenry County will soon have access to robot-assisted surgery close to home thanks in part to a grant from the Centegra Health System Foundation. The foundation’s board of directors approved a $500,000 grant to help Centegra Health System purchase the da Vinci Surgical System, a technological advancement that is helping Centegra and its affiliated physicians take surgery to the next level.

”We were able to assist Centegra Health System with this important purchase because we received financial donations from members of the community,”  said Gail Rudolph, vice president of development for the foundation. “Because of their generosity, the people of our region will be able to have new, state-of-the-art surgeries close to home.” Surgery with a da Vinci robot offers significant benefits to patients and the community. This minimally invasive option only needs a few dime-sized incisions instead of one large incision. Robotic surgery patients are able to go home days earlier with less blood loss, less pain and less risk of infection.

During a procedure using the da Vinci system, a highly skilled surgeon sitting a few feet away directly controls every robotic movement. The precise and intricate movements of the surgeon’s fingers are perfectly translated to the robotic arms. The robot is able to perform fine tissue manipulation in areas where the surgeon’s hands are too large to fit. The 3D camera shows the surgeon views of the body that cannot be seen through traditional surgery.

”The robot does not replace a surgeon. It is a tool the surgeon can use to provide patients the greatest operative precision,”  Rudolph said. “We expect to see shorter hospital stays and recovery times thanks to procedures done with the da Vinci robot.” The foundation helps build financial resources and grants funds for Centegra operations such as EKG transmitting devices, pre-natal monitors, professional education, state-of-the-art TomoTherapy cancer treatment, charity care, wellness programs, patient transport and much more.

Centegra Health System Foundation raises funds to support the goals of clinical excellence, superior service and promoting wellness for the greater McHenry County area. Through fundraising, special events and stewardship and by embracing donor passion for superior health care, the foundation works to provide the health system with the essential financial resources needed to support its strategic goals.

For more information on how the community can help inspire, invest and innovate healthcare in the area, call the Centegra Health System Foundation at 815-788-5870.