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News: For now, we will have to wait on Centegra Hospital-Huntley

We are disappointed that Centegra Hospital-Huntley fell one vote short of approval at the December 7 Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board meeting.

Over the past year, we have heard an outpouring of support from residents of southern McHenry County. Numbers from the state’s own staff confirmed that a new hospital is needed in that particular area. In the weeks to come, we will explore our options for providing local residents with the healthcare they need. Rest assured that we remain fully committed to meeting the needs of McHenry County.

Thank you to all who showed their support! One thing is clear: The December 7 outcome was not a result of a lack of support from the community. We are grateful for your dedication to this cause, and we will continue serving McHenry County to the best of our ability. We never lose sight of the fact that we exist to serve you.