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News: First patient treated at new Centegra Healthcare Campus – Huntley

Madonna Frankel, 45, Lake in the Hills, woke up Monday, August 18th with a terrible earache and dizziness. As she painstakingly drove her son to football practice, she noticed the sign proclaiming that Immediate Care at the Centegra Health Campus-Huntley was opening.

She made it safely back home before waking her 16-year-old daughter to drive her to the facility on Haligus and Algonquin Road, which is conveniently located right up the road from their home. Little did Frankel know, but she would be the first patient at the new Centegra Health Campus-Huntley. Frankel was diagnosed with an inner ear infection by Larry Wellendorf, M.D. She left with a prescription and peace of mind that she would feel better soon. “This place is a Godsend. It really is. Everyone is so nice, and I can hear,”  Frankel said. “I thought, gosh, how many trips are we going to make here because I have two other kids at home? This is really so convenient. A lot of times you come in and feel like a number, you know in emergencies, but I felt very important. I had a great experience.” 

“Today’s opening marks the beginning of a new era in improved access to high-quality healthcare in the region,” said Michael S. Eesley, Centegra Health System President and CEO. “This new Huntley campus provides superior care to individuals and families living here in the fastest-growing region of greater McHenry County. Centegra’s commitment to community health and wellness is reflected in this beautifully detailed campus that covers a majority of the healthcare continuum. It is based in the goal to keep residents well beyond expectation, with convenient access to medical and wellness services.” 
The Centegra Health Center building is anchored by Centegra Immediate Care. Immediate care means an illness or injury is not life-threatening or multiple traumas. It’s for those minor emergencies that require professional medical attention when one’s doctor is not in, after hours or if someone does not have a primary care physician.
Jason Sciarro, Centegra Health System Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, explains, “The addition of Centegra Immediate Care in the Huntley, Algonquin and Lake in the Hills communities will provide special services that help residents stay healthy and receive timely, high quality and compassionate care.”
Three years ago, Centegra began a study of the best ways to deliver healthcare to the areas most in need. It was clear that the southern segment of McHenry County was rapidly growing and in response, groundbreaking on the Centegra Healthcare Campus-Huntley occurred July 17, 2007.

About 40 acres of the 111-acre parcel have been under construction with two significant structures on the continuum of health care: a health center building featuring Centegra Immediate Care, the Centegra Medical Imaging Center, physician offices and laboratory outpatient phlebotomy services and Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center, focusing on wellness, fitness, preventive health and health education. The Centegra Health Center will also be home to independent specialty physicians, Centegra Primary Care doctors, which include internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics.
One of the most outstanding medical imaging departments in the Chicagoland area will also be available soon in the building, including MRI, digital mammography, ultrasound, x-rays and a 128-slice CT scan. This is one of the first in the county and one of only a handful in the United States. This scanner provides superior diagnostics and superb clinical performance.

Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center – Huntley to open soon

Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center features 120,000 square feet of fun and fitness, tennis courts plus an outdoor pool area featuring a water slide, lazy river and lap pool, with a bathhouse.

A membership enrollment office is already on the campus and is featuring special offers and detailed information for new members. A virtual tour of the facility can be found at

Centegra Health System is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the residents of greater McHenry County and to making services available in multiple and convenient locations, including hospitals in McHenry and Woodstock, Immediate and Primary Care Centers, Health Bridge Fitness Centers and more. As the region’s leading healthcare provider, Centegra Health System continues to bring the latest treatments and technology, along with the skills of nearly 4,000 medical professionals, to meet the needs of the growing McHenry County community. For more information on Centegra Health System visit or call 877-CENTEGRA (1-877-236-8347).