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News: EMR saves patient time, provides comfort

Peggy Rubeck, Human Resources Coordinator at Camfil Farr in Crystal Lake, knows the stress that comes with having to remember the treatment each of her different doctors prescribes. Her experience with Centegra Health System’s electronic medical records has proven to her she doesn’t need to stress any longer.

When Rubeck began her experience with Centegra Health System in January at Centegra Hospital – Woodstock, she had no idea what the future had in store. She knew that she would need to see several different doctors from a neurologist to a thyroid doctor at various locations. She was nervous about having to remember her specific treatments from each doctor for her next appointment. Because Centegra uses electronic medical records to see the complete medical history of each patient, Rubeck no longer needs to worry.

“We don’t have to remember our past history when using Centegra,”  Rubeck said. “The doctors simply bring me up on their computer to see what treatment each doctor prescribes and base their treatment for me on what the other doctors are doing.” 

This kind of relief is important for anyone who faces medical treatment on a regular basis from different doctors. There is enough stress in receiving treatment and having to remember the prescriptions and suggestions from each doctor is an additional and unnecessary, stress. Rubeck believes this is an amazing service for all patients who receive care from Centegra Health System.

While providing relief for patients, electronic medical records also help doctors make more informed treatment decisions for each patient based on their entire plan of care, not just in their particular specialty. Electronic medical records are used throughout Centegra Health System to ensure each patient receives the quality care they need.