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News: Chicago Bulls guard Rose’s injury benefited from chiropractic care

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose recently turned to a chiropractor for treatment while missing five games because of back spasms. Rose credited his chiropractor for providing relief from the muscle pain, which caused him to leave the Bulls’ Feb. 6 game against the New Jersey Nets.

Centegra Physician Care chiropractors Mark Dowell and Randy David said back spasms can affect just about anyone, and that the pain can be debilitating for the sufferer.”We see back spasms all the time,”  Dowell said. “They affect everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors and construction workers.” Dowell did not treat Rose, however he said Rose would likely have first received a comprehensive evaluation from his chiropractor to discover the cause of the back spasms.”There are many causes of back spasms that can range from dehydration and nutritional deficiencies to overuse and injuries,”  Dowell said. “We also care for patients whose back spasms are caused by forward head posture as a result of sitting at a desk every day.

”When a Centegra Physician Care chiropractor evaluates a patient for back spasms, he looks for red flags that could indicate more serious neurological issues that would require referral to a physician. If the chiropractor determines the spasms are musculoskeletal in origin, he may use many different treatments to provide the patient relief. Dowell said treatments include electrical muscle stimulation, hot or cold packs, physical therapy, massage and chiropractic adjustments. Patients also receive stretching exercises to do at home to strengthen the muscles.

Dowell said the drug-free approach used by chiropractors is preferred by many people who want to address the source of their pain. Centegra Physician Care chiropractors often work in partnership with a patient’s primary care physician to treat pain and improve wellness. Like the care the Bulls’ Rose received, Dowell’s patients benefit from the integrated medicine approach available at Centegra Physician Care.”We are extensively trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system that are mechanical in origin,”  Dowell said. “Our approach is evidence based and we use education to get our patients healthy and keep them healthy.” For more information on Dowell, David or Centegra Physician Care, call 815-338-6600.