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News: Centegra to open new back and spine center May 2 in Huntley

McHenry County residents will have improved access to coordinated, personalized treatment and management of acute and chronic back, neck pain and other spine related medical issues through non-surgical intervention at the new Centegra Back and Spine Center opening May 2.

The Centegra Back and Spine Center will focus on a combination of non-invasive treatment measures including physiatry, physical therapy, chiropractic care, diagnostic medical imaging, pain management, neurology services, behavioral health services and Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center. It will be located inside the Centegra Immediate Care entrance on the first floor of the Centegra Health Center-Huntley.

“We anticipate a rise in back and spine medical issues due to an increase in obesity and the aging population in McHenry County,”  said Dr. Ted Lorenc, vice president of medical affairs at Centegra Health System. “By developing the Centegra Back and Spine Center, Centegra is responding to the community’s needs. Additionally, health care reform ties provider reimbursements to patient outcomes and the center will provide better patient outcomes through decreased pain, improved activities of daily living, improved posture, increased range of motion, improved tolerance to work, and increased strength and endurance.” Dr. Sandhya Meesala will serve as medical director of the center. She is an independent physician on the medical staff at Centegra Health System, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Lorenc said a clinician from the Centegra Back and Spine Center will follow-up with a patient’s primary care physician to detail treatment plans and change in patient condition. All of the Centegra Physician Care facilities use electronic medical records that provide easier access for other members of the medical team and helps keep patient care plans moving forward.

What is back and spine health?

Meesala said that the spine is one of the most vital parts of the human body. Without it, people couldn’t stand or move. All the elements of the spinal column and vertebrae serve the purpose of protecting the spinal cord, which provides communication to the brain, mobility and sensation in the body through complex interaction of bones, ligaments and muscle structures. Therefore, keeping a spine healthy is essential to living an active life. The Centegra Back and Spine Center will provide medical treatment to those suffering spinal disorders and ailments in order to restore function and help patients live an active life.

What types of classes are currently available to help manage back pain?

Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers in Crystal Lake and Huntley provide several classes and programs to help manage back pain. Some of them include Aqua Pump, Aqua Fitness, Webbed Workout, Whole Water Works, Pilates, Yoga, one-on-one aquatic training and fitness coaching sessions.

To learn more about the new Centegra Back and Spine Center or to schedule an appointment, call 847-802-7070.