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News: Centegra to celebrate Emergency Nurses Week

CRYSTAL LAKE – Centegra Health System will join other healthcare providers around the country in saluting the region’s emergency department nurses during Emergency Nurses Week Oct. 10 to 16. Emergency Nurses Day is Oct. 13.

“We honor the advanced skills, the compassion and the commitment of emergency nurses and we encourage the public to do so as well,”  said Laura Walczak, director of emergency services for Centegra Health System. “Emergency nurses provide comfort to their patients and to their loved ones. They make a difference in peoples’ lives every day.” 

At Centegra Health System, emergency nurses work within and beyond the emergency department. They care for patients in critical care, on flight and ground transport and teach injury prevention at educational events in the community.

“Emergency nurses are often the first contact that a patient has with our healthcare system,”  Walczak said. “Last year, they cared for more than 63,000 patients at Centegra Hospital – McHenry and Centegra Hospital – Woodstock. Whether it’s a minor laceration, a heart attack or a serious trauma, Centegra’s emergency nurses help patients maintain their dignity and treat them with respect.”