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News: Centegra to bring most advanced cancer radiation treatment to McHenry Count

Residents of the Greater McHenry County region will soon be able to have local access to the world’s most advanced cancer treatment system, TomoTherapy Hi-Art, through Centegra Health System. TomoTherapy is a form of Intense Modulated Radiation Therapy, which provides a more direct, efficient dose of radiation for the treatment of cancer. The new TomoTherapy unit will be available to treat patients this summer.

The primary advantage of TomoTherapy is the delivery system, which allows for a precise dose of radiation to a cancerous tumor while helping to save the healthy tissue around it. A 360 degree-treatment is delivered, which provides greater accuracy and precision to the treatment process. The TomoTherapy treatment system is also unique because it acts as a CT scanner and allows for a precise image of the tumor site to be scanned at the same time radiation is given so that physicians can see how the tumor is reacting to the treatment. This type of treatment is revolutionary because it allows physicians to treat certain areas of the body that other machines couldn’t treat, such as the lining of the lung without damaging the lung itself.

“Bringing this innovative radiation delivery system to the greater McHenry County area is very valuable to our patients because it gives our already impressive treatment capabilities just one more state-of-the-art treatment option to help improve our community’s health and ability to fight cancer,”  said Terrence Bugno, MD, radiation oncologist and Medical Director of the Centegra Sage Cancer Center. “We will be the first in the area to have such an advanced cancer treatment option and we are excited to be able to provide this innovative technology right here in our own community,”  he added.

Centegra Oncology Services offers state-of-the-art cancer care right here in McHenry County through the Centegra Sage Cancer Center and within both the Centegra Health System hospitals, Centegra Northern Illinois Medical Center and Centegra Memorial Medical Center. Advance cancer care services include: intensity modulated radiation therapy, High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy, on-site physician practices for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological response modifier therapy, clinical research protocols, a cancer resource library, cancer support services (massage therapy, stress management programs, meditation) and advanced equipment which allows radiation therapy treatment for 95 percent of cancer patients.