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News: Centegra hosts doctors from Zacatecas, Mexico

Centegra Health System hosted two physicians from Guadalupe in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico from May 16 to May 27 as part of the Woodstock sister city program. Dr. Dagoberto Cid Guerrero, internal medicine and allergist, and Dr. Marco Antonio Hernandez, orthopedic and traumatologist, attributed Michael S. Eesley, Centegra’s chief executive officer as instrumental in facilitating their visit. Eesley said working together provides Centegra a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities, allowing its healthcare providers to better serve McHenry County’s large Latino population.

Dr. Ted Lorenc, Centegra’s vice president of medical affairs agrees it is important for Centegra to engage in the clinical exchange. ”McHenry County has a large Hispanic population and having a connection between the primary country from where the residents come is very important; it’s a connection with their home,” Lorenc said. “Mexico is a beautiful country and any way we can foster a closer relationship is advantageous for both countries and even down to the level of both of our hospitals and health systems.”

The visiting doctors discussed what was surprising to them and what they wanted to take back and model in their country. Guerrero, who has been practicing for four years, came to the United States expecting a somewhat distant relationship between the patients and doctors. However, the experience he had at Centegra proved otherwise.”The doctors and patients share in a strong relationship that allows the treatment to be a positive experience,”  Guerrero said.

Hernandez has practiced in the fields of orthopedics and traumatology for seven years. He said, “There are many things that exist that we could take with us, but personally, the thing I like the most is how the stimulus toward work, especially regarding the different meetings and reunions we have been able to participate in, better improve the patient experience and help make all aspects of care function better.”

Guerrero and Hernandez expressed their gratitude for the professional experience and cordial associates who surpassed their expectations while at Centegra Health System. The physicians from Zacatecas said they hope to one-day host Centegra physicians in their homeland. The cities of Zacatecas and Guadalupe have a combined population of about 400,000 residents. The state of Zacatecas in north-central Mexico has a population of about 1.5 million.

According to preliminary results of the 2010 Census released in February, McHenry County has grown by more than 40,000 people in the past 10 years with the fastest-growing segment being among those who check Hispanic or Latino on their Census paperwork.In 2000, about 19,000 of the county’s population identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, or 7.5 percent. In the 2010 survey, 35,249 people identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, or 11.5 percent.

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