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News: Centegra expands sleep services department

Centegra Health System will soon expand its Sleep Services Department to include six new beds at Centegra Sleep Disorders Clinic-Algonquin. The expansion comes as a partnership with the former Alternative Sleep Disorders Center-Ltd.

For the millions of Americans who suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders, daily living can be a struggle. They may nod off during work or at school, or risk serious accidents while driving.Sleep disorders can contribute to relationship strain, problems on the job and can coincide with serious health conditions.

The integration is a demonstration of the continued commitment by Centegra and Alternative Sleep Disorder Clinic-Ltd. to provide access to high-quality healthcare, from wellness to comprehensive medical care to the community. The sleep disorder program currently includes four beds at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock.”Greater McHenry County has a real need for improved access to sleep studies, diagnosis and treatment of common sleep disorders,”  said Rachel L. Sebastian, vice president of service line operations with Centegra Health System. “Centegra is excited to partner with Alternative Sleep Disorders Center, Ltd. to provide residents improved access to our services so people can receive the care they need close to home.” 

Rich Parsons, director of respiratory care, neurology and sleep services at Centegra Health System, said, “People are starting to understand that sleep disorders can have damaging effects on their lives. Our community members are talking to their physicians about their concerns and are turning to Centegra for sleep studies and treatment of their sleep disorders.” People who have sleep disorders often feel tired in the morning or become sleepy during the day. They may snore or awake gasping for breath and loved ones may say they stop breathing at night. Other sleep disorder symptoms include moving excessively while sleeping or experiencing periodic or chronic leg kicking.

”The most common sleep disorder is sleep apnea, in which breathing stops and starts repeatedly,”  Parsons said. “Risk factors for sleep apnea include being older than 65, male, overweight, having high blood pressure, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Kids can also have sleep apnea if their tonsils or adenoids are enlarged.” Patients age 5 and older may visit Centegra Health System for sleep studies, which help physicians diagnose sleep disorders.

During a sleep study, technicians and physicians take various measurements while a patient sleeps. The patient is painlessly connected to various monitors that record breathing, heart rate, muscle movement and other key factors.”We collect all the data and a physician who specializes in sleep medicine prepares a report for the patient’s primary care physician,”  Parsons said. “Once a person receives a sleep disorder diagnosis, he or she may visit us again to learn about treatment options.” 

Those who think they may have a sleep disorder are encouraged to talk to their physician and ask for a referral to the Centegra Sleep Services Department. They may also call (815) 334-3193.