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News: Centegra doctors provide free screenings to uninsured women

Centegra Health System conducted its second women’s health event June 1 to help reduce a Family Health Partnership Clinic (FHPC) waiting list of 100 women in the community who needed a pap and breast exam. In a few hours, three Centegra Physician Care (CPC) doctors screened 48 patients.

The Family Health Partnership Clinic serves those in the community without health insurance and operates with 24 volunteer physicians, two staff nurse practitioners and a mix of volunteer and paid staff. It provides more than $2.5 million in services each year and is funded through private grants, foundations and community fundraising. It receives no state or federal funding. In fiscal year 2011, Centegra Physician Care physicians volunteered more than 560 hours at the clinic. For more information on the Family Health Partnership Clinic, visit the website at or call 815-334-8987, ext. 10.

Paparama-2012-CPC-team3-for-web-300x225Clinical staff members readily volunteered their time to participate in the event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Centegra Physician Care offices in Woodstock. The Centegra staff included Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo, Dr. Leonard Hering, Dr. Carlos Mendez and nurse practitioner Mindy Jacobs, as well as several nurses and support personnel.”While Drs. Erogbogbo, Mendez and myself saw the patients, Drs. Mark Parra and Darby Murphy contributed greatly by covering our on-call duties for a few hours and seeing our own CPC patients who needed to be seen,” said Hering. “To see our clinical and reception teams happily and willingly volunteer their time to work and be a part of the event was so rewarding. I really appreciate everyone for making it all possible.”Suzanne Hoban, director of Family Health Partnership Clinic, said, “It was an example of a tremendous community collaboration that benefited the uninsured women of McHenry County. We are so appreciative of the physicians and nurses stepping forward and meeting this huge need.”Kathy Rauch, volunteer coordinator for Family Health Partnership Clinic said, “The success of this event speaks to the ongoing concern that Centegra has for all women of McHenry County. The fact that this idea came from the staff at Centegra speaks volumes of their entire health system’s concern for their community.”