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News: Centegra celebrates Pastoral Care Week in October

Centegra Health System celebrates Pastoral Care Week Oct. 20 to 26. Chaplains, pastoral care counselors, educators and care providers will share in this year’s theme, “Prophetic Voice – joining together to empower, express and educate!”
Regardless of faith tradition, Pastoral Care Week celebrates those who provide spiritual counseling to others. It is endorsed by the Congress on Ministries in Specialized Settings (COMISS), whose members provide care in specialized settings such as hospitals, prisons, businesses, industries, long term care facilities, pastoral counseling centers, hospices, military settings, nursing homes, corporations, congregations of sisters, priests and brothers, schools and universities throughout the world.
The pastoral care team at Centegra Health System consists of nine chaplains who provide 24-hour spiritual and emotional care for patients, families and friends of all faiths, seven days a week. Chaplains who are also healthcare professionals provide pastoral care. They help people cope with life’s difficulties through conversation, partnership in prayer or by sitting with people in need. Healthcare chaplains are clinical professionals whose training can include a master’s level professional degree and a minimum of 800 hours of clinical instruction and 1,600 hours of clinical supervision.
Compassionate chaplains respect each person’s beliefs and listen without judgment. They address concerns and fears. They support patients, families, friends and caregivers after difficult events.
Centegra Health System’s chaplains provide sacraments and connections to religious, community and support groups. They also make regular rounds in the hospital and in Centegra’s emergency departments.
“The chaplains of Centegra are grateful for the opportunity to speak with the prophetic voice that proclaims comfort the sick, compassion for the grieving and hope to those in need,” said chaplain Dorothy Symonds. “We also appreciate the opportunity to provide spiritual and religious care well beyond expectations.”