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Thank You Z. Ted Lorenc, MD

Carol Bernau says:

I often think about you and Connie. I love both of you. I will never for get your kindness both as a doctor and a friend. Dr. Lorence I miss your care for Ed and myself we are out of state now (WI) and cannot find a Dr. to replace you. We are doing much better but have new issues now. Sure wish you were here. We are living close to Lisa and she and Jenny Bernau have proven to be the best daughters. I want you to know every nurse or person who knew you had nothing but the best to say when talking about you. I want to give you a quote “I am your Doctor, not your friend” if they only new how they were wrong!!!!

Kathleen DeRoche says:

Dear Dr. Lorenc,

I just love seeing you here at the hospital as it reminds me of the
excellent care you gave me in your private practice. I always felt
that you took the time with me and met my every need.
I felt so confident in you and so appreciate that going through some
difficult times in my life you were there. Thank You,
Kathleen DeRoche

Debbie Orlando says:

Simply and with the most heartfelt gratitude, there is nobody quite like you, Doc. Bob and I miss going to you! And, here in NC? They would use a bunch of Dr. Lorenc-like physicians.
Bob and Debbie Orlando

Kari Jennings says:

Hi, Doc. I’ve been thinking of you lately. Hope you are doing good. I would love to hear from you sometime. E-mail if you get a chance. Love and miss you so very much

Jenny Lorenc Pflueger says:

Thank you Dr. Lorenc.

Not only are you an amaing Dr, but you are a super dad. I have seen your gentle and understanding manner with patients while working side by side in your pratice. I know your devotion and committment to medicie from growing up as your daughter, seeing all of the hours you give to the hospital – both medically and administratively. I admire your passion for education of the next generation od medical professionals, myself included. You saw the potential I had for patient care and encouraged me to explore phlebotomy – which as it turns out I have a talent and passion for (thanks to both you and mom).

So during this week of thanks, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all that you do as a doctor, a mentor, an administrator and most importantly, a DAD.

I love you, dad.

Jenny Lorenc Pflueger

Dawn, Lori & Elizabeth – CVO says:

The CVO would like to Thank You for your leadership and caring approach. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to work with you. Thank you for all you do!!!!

Gail says:

Thank you, Dr. Lorenc for taking care of my husband and I. You are a very genuine caring physician who treats us with respect. We appreciate your professionalism and personal touch.

Rose Iverson, RN says:

Thank you for your kind and gentle manner with your patients.

Inez Young says:

It has been my privilege to call Dr. Lorenc “My Doctor” since 1978. That is how me makes me feel. When I am in his office, I am the only patient he has.


Deb Hume says:

I just wanted to thank you for all the great care you have given me and my family over the years. You are one of the most compassionate doctors I have known except for my old country doctor that I had as I was growing up back in Michigan. He made house calls.

Anonymous says:

Dr. Lorenc, thank you for all you have done over the years for all of your patients.

Pat and Mray Lou says:

The mold was broken after Dr. Lorenc was created. Never in my life have I seen such a caring, compassionate person, who happens to be a doctor as well. The first thing he does when you see him in the office is LISTEN, a rare quality for sure. He has been my friend and doc for almost 30 years and there are not enough words to thank him for all he has done for me and my husband. To say he is the best is an understatement. Thanks doc!! Pat and Mary Lou

Lois Verseman says:

When People ask me who I have as my doctor I am proud to say “Dr. Lorenc.” Thank you for your compassionate and always thorough care.

Kara says:

Thank you, Dr. Lorenc for all you do. It is a pleasure working with you.

Gail M. Albers says:

Thank you, Dr. Lorenc. You are not only a great practitioner but even more importantly a compassionate caring human being. You heal in so many ways. Thanks. Your “liberal” patient. Gail

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