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Thank You Yasmeen J. Hasan, MD

joanne watkins says:

I have been with Dr..Hasan for a few years now,I think she is one of the best doctors I have ever seen,she listens to what you have to say and addresses every issue,she never has attitude like some doctors do…I wouldn’t go to anyone else…

Dorothy Diedrich says:

I want to say a Special “Thank You” to Dr. Hasan and her Amazing Team. Over the years I have been to several different Doctors and no one can compare to you Dr. Hasan. You are such a caring and compassionate person, every time I come in for an appointment you take time to really listen to what is going on, never making me feel like I’m being rushed out the door so you can get on to the next patient. I look forward to continue to use you as my Doctor for many years to come.
Thank You Again For Everything……….

Hallisey Kunde says:

Thank you for everything that you Dr. Hasan! You are an amazing woman. You have taken such good care of myself and my family, and we all appreciate that. I am lucky that I also get to work with you everyday. THANK YOU. 🙂

cathy Sherwood says:

Was looking for a dr.not sure who I would get. Dr. Hassan was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable! Hope I can continue to see her for years to come! Thank you dr!

Lauren Palac says:

I want to thank Dr. Hasan for being so nice. I have been there multiple times over the past few months and she is always kind and willing to explain everything and explore options. It’s great to finally have a doctor that listens and is always willing to take the time to explain things. I’m sure she’s got a full day with countless different patients but when she’s in the room with you she’s really there and in the moment with you.

christopher staley says:

I received a diagnosis through Dr Hasan that many doctors prior, agonizing tests, and years of random visits throughout the county to expensive clinics, had failed to properly diagnose. She is a blessing in my life and the life of my family. Without her compassion and sheer brilliance I would have had a complete breakdown from chronic pain, sleep deprivation, and simply not knowing why I was suffering. This lovely woman literally saved me, I do not know how else to put it. Nurse Maggie is the definitive model for all nurses who enter this field for the sake of taking care of those in need. If every doctor and nurse were as brilliant, sharp, and compassionate as these two the world would be a much better place. God bless these two outstanding examples of how healthcare should be practiced and implemented. With love and integrity.

Jo Ann Goldston says:

For several years I have been a patient of Dr.Hasan and her two nurses Maggie and Diane. I feel blessed to be under their knowledgeable, empathic and calm care. She and her nurses respect my worries and concerns. They always return my calls promptly as well as reporting tests results quickly. They are courteous and patient in answering my questions. I know of no other doctor and their nurses who would be so compassionate as these…..they have stayed overtime to see and treat me when I’ve had a medical emergency (so I didn’t have to go to the hospital emergency room). Dr. Hasan never, ever rushes me and always calmly with great patience listens and answers all my questions regarding my worries and concerns so I don’t fret. If I need to talk to her personally (such as when she is off on a weekend) she calls me back herself. I’ve even met her at Walmart after an appointment (she had stopped to do her own shopping after work) and she has assisted me in going through the products on the shelf to find for me what she thought would benefit my medical condition. She, Maggie and Diane are a one in a billion combo of care givers. I pray they can care for me until I die. There are no words to express my gratitude for the care I receive.

cora cruzan says:

Thank you for putting on the right medicine and dosage for my headache s. You r the best doctor.

Margaret Zaleski says:

Dr. Hasan and Staff,

I would just like to say how unbelievably your compassionate demeanor means to me and my family. Since 2006, I have been seeing you and now my entire family followed me. Myself, my, father (Henry), mother (Grace), grandmother (Celestyna) and now my uncle (Walter) and my aunt (Theresa). We have all spoken about how much you mean to all of us. Finding a Dr. is just as important as a member of your family and we feel exactly that way about you. You are a part of our family and we love and appreciate you and all the girls. We have never talked about a Doctor and staff like we do all of you. We all honestly can’t even say enough good things about you. I needed to let you know that we trust our lives in your hands. That means so much to us. You all mean so very much to our hearts. We need to thank you for your acceptance and understanding for your patients and we all wish you good life, love and happiness. We hold you dear to our hearts.

-Margaret Zaleski

Nancy Lechner says:

We so appreciate your kindness, gentleness, and extra thoughtfulness that you and your staff take with every visit to your office. It is such a delight to get an appointment when needed. Special thanks to Maggie for her extra time and care!

Suzy says:

I have been at the Family Health Partnership for more than 6 months due to unemployment. I was seeing only one person for my appointments until one time when they scheduled me with Dr. Hasan. Dr. Hasan, as the other poster said, did more for me in 25 minutes than any doctor in years. She LISTENED to me. I cannot tell you enough how she has changed my quality of life just by listening to me. I hope I never have to see another doctor.

Melissa H. says:

Dr. Hasan is the most wonderful Doctor I have ever met!!!! She did more for me in 25 minutes then other Doctors had done in years!!! I am so happy I found her! I don’t like it when I have to go to the Doctor but now that I have a sweet, caring, Doctor it sure makes it a lot easier. Dr. Hasan is just the kind of person who cares about you and wants to do everything to help. I hope Dr. Hasan knows what a difference she makes to her patients lives. Thanks Dr. Hasan!

Rebecca Roth says:

I had to start using The Family Health Partnership in Woodstock due to the economy and loss of my job. Upon my first visit I was welcomed by a sweet and caring doctor that I found out later VOLUNTEERS once a month for people going through the same as myself. Her name was Dr. Hasan. I am so very thankful for her and she is not only an amazing doctor but a wonderful caring person to donate her time to people in a time of need. Thank you so much Dr. Hasan, you are my doctor for life!!!!!!!!!

Pat and Mary Lou McAndrews says:

Dr. Hasan has been a special friend to our family. She is a kind and caring person and an excellent physician. Thank you for all your help.

maggie says:

I work for Dr Hasan for the last 2 yrs and also have her as my PCP and since I’ve been working with her I can say that she is a great Dr to work with and is very good to her patients. All her patients comment on how great she is, and how caring she is about their feelings and they love the fact that she always goes beyond her obligations to attend to any concerns they may have. She is the greatest Dr I know.

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