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Theodore Banks, MD

Emergency Medicine

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Thank You Theodore Banks, MD

Julie Snave says:

Dr. Banks, Eric is recovering at home from the seizures he had Tuesday night in no small part due to your skills and the skills of the ER staff. You may or may not understand how grateful I am that I was allowed to be in the room while you were working on stabilizing Eric until I felt he had too much stimuli and couldn’t hear me anyway. You coming up to the ICU on Wednesday to check his status, that is a sign of a truly caring physician. Thank you.

On Friday, his muscles were still a ‘little sore’ but by today, he is back to normal. As you know, we were very concerned about his communication abilities but the only thing we have noticed is that his memories are a little scrambled. . . understandably so.

Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to any and all, from your front line in Reception to every single medical staff person. Eric’s charge nurse was so nice to me, I cannot think of her name, but I will never forget her professionalism or her kindness.

With appreciation,
Julie Snave

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