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Thank You Terrence J. Bugno, MD

Anonymous says:

I was diagnosed with recurring prostate cancer about seven years ago and was seen by Dr. Terrence Bugno. Early on I was to go for a PET scan while Dr. Bugno was in California at a conference. Dr. Bugno knew I was very frightened so he gave me his cellphone number and asked me to call him so we could review the results together. He actually left the conference and talked to me for at least 20 minutes. (Who does that? Remarkable!) After taking care of me for a few years, he felt I would be better served with a medical oncologist. He had me see Dr. Apurva Desai and briefed Dr. Desai thoroughly on my case. Dr. Desai picked up my care without missing a beat and has been just as outstanding as Dr. Bugno.

Carole Mannion says:

I want to thank Dr. Bugno for being the brilliant and caring radiation oncologist that he is!! He treated me with the Savi system for breast cancer 9 years ago. I have never met a physician who was willing to sit down and educate his patients (and caregivers) about anything and everything they wanted to know about the forthcoming treatment, potential side effects, etc. He also LISTENS and responds to any concerns patients might have. A testament to his excellence is the fact that I traveled from Myrtle Beach, SC to be treated. Thanks, Dr. B!

Amy Moerschbaecher says:

Thank you for being an excellent physician and for all the support you give to staff, patients and caregivers

Kathleen DeRoche says:

Dr. Bugno , I would like to thank the man upstairs for you today and everyday. You are so wonderful to work with and your knowledge,leadership and treatment of patients is inspiring. Thanks for bringing D3 into my life and for being so supportive.

Richard Gorski, M.D. says:

Thank you very much Dr. Bugno for discussing the care of a patient. You were most kind.
Richard W. Gorski, M.D.

Tim Michael says:

Dr. Bugno,

It is difficult to find the right words to express my gratitude for the care you provided me and the kind manner in which you did so. I am truly grateful for your efforts.

You are a credit to your profession, the community and most of all, yourself. I am a better person for just having met you.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Dr. Bugno’s team as well as the entire staff at the Sage Cancer Center in Mchenry. What a great collection of people and you should all be very proud of what you do and the fact that you do it so well.

Eternally grateful,
Tim Michael

Christine May says:

Thank you, Dr. Bugno!

You have not only taken great care of my dad’s physical health needs but have cared for his mental and emotional health, as well. You and your staff took one of the worst situations and turned it into a positive experience. You were made to treat and heal people. You are so compassionate, genuine, and kind. We could not have been blessed with a better doctor! We will forever be grateful to you!!! You are the best!

Tracey says:

Dr. Bugnow, Thank you for your care and treatment last year while I underwent radiation. You are a wonderful physician, I always felt confident while undergoing treatment I was going to come thru this and be fine!!!! Your staff is wonderful as well, we are blessed to have you at Centegra!

Amy Maurus says:

Dr. Bugno-Thanks for all you do for our patients and staff!

Todd A. Meyers says:

Thank you Dr. Bugno for the humor and genuine care you bring us associates working at the Centegra Sage Cancer Center and to all of your patients. It has been a pleasure serving with you over the past 2.5 years. I look forward to many more good years ahead.

Kathleen DeRoche,LCSW,OSWC. says:

Dr. Bugno,

You are a very special gift to me and to the Universe. I hope you have a very good Doctor’s week and when I win the lottery tonight I am going to buy you a Porshe!

Thanks for being so caring and for keeping us going!

Kathleen DeRoche

K Preshlock says:

Thank you for your commitment, ideas, holistic approach to care for our patients and staff at our cancer center, we are all truly fortunate to be working with you.

Joyce Eckert says:

Dr. Bugno

Just want to thank you for the wonderful care you provided to me during my breast cancer treatment. You were very informative regarding my type of cancer and treatment. You have some wonderful people working at the Sage Cancer Center from the ladies at the front desk to my favorite radiation techs., Jenn & Carly. Everyone made my treatment more bareable and for that I am eternally grateful.

You rock Doc!

Anonymous says:

Thank you for all the work you do for all of us!!

Amy says:

Thanks for all your dedication to our patients and cancer center!

Mary & Suzana says:

Thank you for resolving so many questions that are ever present in our Cancer Registry work. Your exceptional knowledge is a great resource for us and your cooperation is always appreciated. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your patients and the Cancer Program at Centegra.

Kathleen DeRoche says:

I am ever so grateful to be working with you and love your care and dedication for your patients.

Wm. & Jean Kautz says:

For the last 8 years we have been under Dr. Bugno’s supervision we have been amazed at how he has kept us informed of Jean’s cancer status. He has always been very explicit in the information supplied us and spent much time in laying out the information in layman’s terms for us to understand it. Thank you, Doctor.

MJ says:

Thank you for the exeptional care you provide to out patients in the Sage Cancer Center and your dedication to the Centegra organization. You are an outstanding physician.

Susan Cichantek says:

Dr. B

Thank you for all you do..not only for our patients but the staff as well:)


Kathleen DeRoche says:

Dr. Bugno,

I want to wish you a very special Doctor’s Day. You are an inspiration and a joy to work with. I hope that you know how much we appreciate you!


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