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Rebecca J. Andersen, MD

Emergency Medicine


Emergency Medicine

American Board of Emergency Medicine



SUNY Upstate Medical University-Syracuse


SUNY Upstate Medical University-Syracuse
Emergency Medicine


SUNY Upstate Medical University-Syracuse
Emergency Medicine

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Thank You Rebecca J. Andersen, MD

Scott Nelson says:

Thank You for saving my life ! Your quick thinking and medical expertise will forever be remembered and appreciated. I am a heart attack survivor because of you.

Judith Lutz says:

Last Wednesday you treated me for bruised ribs from a fall at Huntley Centegra. Thank you for your compassionate care. If I knew you were educated in NY I would have told you I grew up near there.

Viviana Armas says:

Dr. Andersen
We wanted to thank you dearly for having a high regard for patient care! In using an interpreter in order to communicate clearly shows the appreciation you have for your patients and Staff! Thank you for all you do it shows everyday!

Valeria Lagunas says:

Doctora Andersen,

Thank you for ALWAYS using our in-house interpreter services! Thank you very much for noticing the need to better communicate with our ESL patients in order to provide excellent care!! Thank you for all you do!!! We appreciate it.

Kris Felix says:

Dr. Andersen,

I can’t thank you enough for the care you provide whenever by intractable back pain lands me in the ER. Cancer is hard enough, but bone metastases to the spine is the most difficult thing about my cancer diagnosis. The pain flares, or crises, send me to the Emergency Room far more frequently than I’d like. The fact that you’ve taken the time to get to know me, and my specific issues, speaks volumes about the type of doctor you are. You are able to assess my pain level and treat me aggressively so that my husband is able to take me home rather than me being admitted. You always take the time to question me and examine me, to be certain there’s nothing new happening. In a nutshell, you’ve allowed me to keep my dignity, all while you’re truly concerned about me personally. And for that, I express my sincere appreciation. After 13+ years with Stage 4 Terminal cancer, it’s nice to have a doctor who recognizes me as an individual … And not just as an illness that needs to be treated. You, Dr. Andersen, are one of a kind and Centegra is very fortunate to have you on staff in their ER.

Kristine Felix

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