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Thank You Lisa M. Glosson, MD


Happy Doctor’s Day! I was very impressed with the level and care you gave to me during my office visit. You seem to know just the right questions to ask and I was very impressed with your level of care. You never rush a patient and take the time to listen. Thank you for trying to keep me healthy! You are the best!

jennie morris says:

There is no doctor like Dr. Glossen. She is smart,kind,compassionate,tells you the truth,pushes you to do your best when needed.She educates me and gives me choices. Centegra is lucky to have her and I am too.Her nursing staff is incredible.

Mandy Borhart says:

Happy Doctor’s Day! Thank you for all you do to keep our patients healthy and happy especially my own family! Our patients really appreciate how you go above and beyond to meet their needs!

julian rivas says:

dear dr. glossan
thank you for your effort and keeping my dad and brother and i heathly thank you for everything and keeping my mom happy at the clinic thank you

sincerely, julian rivas

Dianne Bartos says:

Dr. Glosson, Thank you for helping me to keep healthy. I am grateful to have a doctor like you.

Brenda Rodriguez says: Joan L says:

Great doctor , caring and she listens . Office staff great also .

Christine Sobers says:

Dr. Glosson and Shelly, I absolutely adore both of you. They are very knowledgeable and compassionate, They take the time to listen, never making one feel rushed. They both are VERY loving when it comes to my son who is handicapped. I feel they both go above and beyond in helping with our issues. They make us feel like family. I’m so THANKFUL to have both of you as our family Dr. and caring for me and my family. You both are the best and I would follow you guys anywhere. Thanks so much for all you ladies do.

Denise Daleo says:

Dr. Glosson, thank you for your willingness to partner with our corporate clients in our onsite clinic endeavors. You are great to work with and much of what you do helps solidify our relationships with our clients and their employees.

Cathy Cagle says:

Dr Glosson is always wonderful to work with. She listens and always provides logical, compassionate guidance and care for our family. We really appreciate having her for our family doctor!

Nicole says:

I have been seeing Dr. Glosson for the past 14 years since I was a little girl, I’m now 23. She is truly amazing! I’ve moved to cook county and because of that I needed another doctor. This other doctor did not compare to the experience I got from Dr. Glosson. After that I would travel over an hour for a doctor visit. One day I had an emergency and I needed to get in and I could only see Shelley since Dr. Glosson was booked for the day. I was VERY skeptical since I am really picky with doctors. Best decision I have ever made! I absolutely adore both doctors. They both actually listen to you and explain in depth the solution they come up with. Any female knows getting a pap is awkward, but with either Dr. Glosson or Shelley they make you so comfortable with them that there is not one awkward moment! I wanted to make sure these two wonderful doctors get the credit they deserve and I hope if you’re looking for a new family physician you seriously consider the best for you and your family; you will find the best doctors here!

The only down fall I have had with this office is the nurses/receptionists. I have been spoken to like I was seriously retarded for asking a question and asking for them to go more in depth for a better understanding as if I’ve offended them or something. On multiple occasions I’ve been spoken to with attitude for no reason. I’m not one to just sit back and let someone be rude towards me but I let it go because I know once I actually get to see the doctor it’s all worth it. I love them both so much, so please get through the rudeness you might experience on the phone and get the best care you can from the best doctors!

Mr. DKOHS says:

Thank Centegra for providing this physician comment page, Especially for employing DR. LISA GLOSSON in their Family Practice, Dr.Glosson more than meets ones expectations of a family doctor, She is very knowledgeable and compassionate, She takes the time to listen, never making one feel rushed, My Family and I are Blessed to have found such a Great Physician, Thank You Dr. Glosson for all You do, Your AWESOME!

Dianne Bartos says:

Dr. Glosson,

Thank you for being such a great doctor. I appreciate the way that you take the time to see how I am doing when I have come in to see you. Thanks for being with Centegra and being such a great doctor!

Christine says:

Thank you for taking such good care of my entire family. 🙂

Pam O. says:

I feel blessed to have Dr. Glosson as my physician. I feel she “goes above and beyond” in helping her patients. Good healthcare vital, but having a doctor who LISTENS is just as vital. I have never felt like a number in her office, and neither will you. Thank you Doctor and all you ladies who have proven you really care.

Erin M says:

Thank you once again for the personal attention you have given me. You listen to my concerns and take time reassuring me my health is a priority to you.

Wm. & Jean Kautz says:

We wish to express our thanks to You for your very interest in our physical problems and time spent with us to explain all to us. In this day and age where it seems that everyone is in a hurry you have graciously given us much time to absorb your comments enabling us to understand our problems. Thank you.

AnnaMarie says:

It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your patients and Centegra.

Tammy Bremer says:

Thank you for taking the time to listen and care as much as you do. You are a great asset to Centegra and all of the patients that you care for. I feel very blessed to have been referred to you. Thanks again!

Amy N says:

Thank you for your good common sense advice any time it is needed. It’s so nice to know the everyday side of a good doctor and a good mom!

Anonymous says:

Dr. Lisa, Thank You for being such a great doctor. You are awesome. Also for being a wonderful person and a great daughter. Your mother is so proud of you and she should be.

Anonymous says:

I am so glad we made Dr. Glosson our family physician. I know we have kept her busy, especially the last few years and there were a few times I wasn’t sure how she put up with us but we’re glad she did! Thank-you Dr. Glosson for all your help!

Mandy says:

Dr. Glosson and Shelly,

Thanks for all you two do for me and my family! We could not ask for better care!

Erin Mc says:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to my needs and supporting me over this past year. You are truly a caring and passionate doctor who treats patients as family.

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