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Jing Liang, MD


Pain Medicine
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Pain Medicine

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JFK Johnson Rehab Institute

Jing Liang, MD is a board-certified physiatrist with Centegra Physician Care who believes in working closely with a multidisciplinary team to improve her patients’ quality of care. Dr. Liang treats disorders and injuries of the neck, back, muscles and joints in a minimally invasive manner using techniques including injections of muscle, spine and joints, nerve blocks and medical acupuncture.

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Thank You Jing Liang, MD

Lola Tatone says:

Thank you Dr. Liang and Jo! I walked in like feeling a 90 year old woman hunched over and left feeling the best I have felt in years. Why people suffer when they can see a Doctor as wonderful as you I will never understand. THANK YOU for helping me. I am so grateful. Words cannot express. Thank you for taking the time to explain my MRI. Thank you for your time, for the way you care about your patients. That shines through…Thank you, thank you.

Arlene Buckley says:

Grateful for you, Jo and all the nurses.

Mandy Borhart says:

Happy Doctor’s Day! It is a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for everything you do for our patients and your collaboration with our other specialties!

Kathleen Mayber says:

Thank you for taking the time and truly showing genuine concern for my agonizing back pain. I hope I can get some real relief soon. You and your staff are very warm and caring; I truly appreciate that!!!

Theresa m Novak says:

Dr. Liang is a very special doctor to me. I was scared to death to have some procedures done and let me tell you she and her nurses are wonderful. They will just about stand on there heads to make you feel comfortable and pain free. I think she is a wonderful woman that does everything in her power to make you feel better. I highly recommend her.

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