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Apiwat W. Ford, DO

Emergency Medicine


Emergency Medicine

American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences


St. Clare's Hospital and Health Center


Chicago Osteopathic Hospital
Emergency Medicine

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Thank You Apiwat W. Ford, DO

James Ferenzi says:

Dr. Ford, is one of the finest Physicians that it’s ever been my privilege to know.

I remember this man when he practiced at Sherman Hospital and now working at Centegra Hospital he always had time to treat anybody and everybody the same, he never look down on people he took his time to explain situations to people, I wish I seen more of this man.

This man if he had gone into private practice would have been a godsend as an emergency medical provider he is one of the finest Physicians on your staff.

I don’t know which facilities he’s working at be at NIMC, Huntley, or one of the other Branch facilities, but regardless I have nothing but the highest regard for this man this man understands pain he understands the confusion that’s going through a person’s head when they’re in the emergency room and again he takes his time to explain to you everything and anything that he can he doesn’t just walk in and walk out there’s a lot of young doctors in this world who would be far better off if he was a full-time teacher one of the few few doctors out there who can not only practice medicine but would be one of the most stupendous teachers of the art.

Karen Senica says:

Thank you for always having a kind and joyful spirit in all that you do. Your excellent patient care is appreciated more then you know. It is wonderful to work with a kind and general spirit such as yours.

Karen, PES RN

Tania Castaneda says:

I was a patient at Centegra Hospital in McHenry following a car accident.
and Dr. Ford was my doctor. He was so amazing! He was calm, understanding, and patient.
He made my trip to the ER so great despite the reason for my visit!
Thank you Dr. Ford for everything you did that night for me. Thank you for taking such great care of me and answering all of my questions and concerns.
You are simple amazing. Thank you for all your hand work!!

Patti Walsh says:

I would like to thank Dr. Ford for always being so kind and attentive to patients, co-workers and everyone that he encounters. He is a pleasure to be around. Happy Doctors Day!

Michele W says:

Thank you for your kind treatment in the ER.
Have a nice day!

Valeria Lagunas says:

Dr. Ford

Thank you for ALWAYS using our in-house Spanish Interpreter services!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

Mary Sochacki says:

I Just wanted to Thank Dr.Ford, for taking the time to talk to my son when he was there. I know my Son, loved talking physics with him and for a Dr. to take the time from his busy schedule to have a half an hour talk with him, really shows he cares about his patients.

Sincerly, Mary Sochacki

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