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Dr. Amir Heydari believes the disease of obesity demands the attention of the community. He calls on his extensive background to treat this serious health condition using surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Dr. Heydari is a practicing board-certified general surgeon and specializes in bariatric, oncologic and laparoscopic surgeries. He has served in a variety of medical staff positions, including medical staff president and the Chairman of Department of Surgery.

Dr. Heydari has dedicated a great part of his practice to minimally invasive weight-loss (bariatric) surgeries and the care of overweight patients. He is committed to winning the battle against obesity. He aims to understand the individual needs of any person who wishes to live a healthier life.

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Thank You Amir J. Heydari, MD, FACS

Kathleen O'Sullivan says:

Dr. Heydari,

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having met you. Your surgical skills are tremendous. Thanks to you and the hard work of your staff, I will one day soon hopefully be donating my wheelchair to someone in need. I tried to do this surgery many times before but always backed out in fear.
You are the reason I went thru with it this time. The first time I met you I felt sincerity and that you really cared. You never made me feel any shame for the difficulties I was having. You simply and powerfully gave me hope when I had none.
For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kathy O’Sullivan

James Coutre says:

My daughter and I had sleeve surgery and I could not be happier with the surgery and the professionalism and care of Dr. Heydari and team. This entire team is dedicated to you for the rest of you life. They are truly caring and ONLY recommend what is best for you. The follow up care is amazing.

Deborah Frey says:

Dr. Heydari and his whole staff are the best surgical office staff I have ever encountered. That has a lot to say about this office. I’ve had plenty of experiences with doctors and offices over the years, and this place is the BEST I have ever had to deal with. Dr. Heydari is absolutely wonderful. Easy to talk to and address any concerns you may have all during the experience. Would love to use him for any and all surgeries I have to have from here on out till God takes me home. His PA Amanda is amazing and very calm and reassuring about any questions you may have too! Love this office and the staff!

Thanks to everyone

Anna Dee Lastick says:

Thank you, Dr. Heydari! You care has changed my life in so many ways, all of them good!

Beth Costa says:

Dr Heydari, I can not even find words to express how grateful I am to be your patient! The team of people you have assembled to help your patients is second to none, and the tools you provide are quite literally life changing. Thank you so much for changing my life, and adding years of good health to it! I feel so much better about myself as a healthier person, and realize my own strength to push through hard times. I no longer feel the desire to punish myself for my obesity. I no longer feel stuck in that dark and isolated place. I no longer feel like a burden to my family. How do you thank someone enough for giving you the tools to overcome these things??? If anyone knows, please share it with me, because that is what I owe to Dr H and his fantastic team!

Helen, Rosemary, and Ed Sebastian says:

Hi Dr. Heydari! Thank you for the wonderful care you continue to provide to us. We would not think of going anywhere else but to see you and Eve. Your office staff is impeccable. You performed gastric bypass on Helen and Rosemary with great results. In June 2010 you saved Helen’s life. You had to remove most of Helen’s intestines and she was not expected to live. Rosemary told you then that you may not be God but you are the next best thing!! It has been almost seven years and Helen is alive and kicking. Then you removed Ed’s gallbladder. We will never forget you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. You are one in a million.

Mandy Borhart says:

Happy Doctor’s Day, Dr. Heydari! Thank you for the care you give our patients. You have made a positive difference in their lives. We’re glad to have you on our team!

Laura Sullivan says:

Dr. Heydari cared for me after I was admitted to Centegra Hospital-McHenry, I had a bezoar which had to be removed (years after a lap-band procedure at Loyola Medical Ctr.)
THANK YOU for being so thoughtful in your care and also the follow-up surgery for removal of the band, I highly recommend you to friends & family.
As it turns out I am type 2 diabetic now, so, it makes sense as to why I was becoming morbidly obese, my diabetes made me hungry all the time before I began medication and exercise and diet to control it.

What a gifted doctor and human being you are Dr. Heydari!

Laura Sullivan

David Zipp says:

I cannot thank Dr. Heydari enough for being my surgeon for my recent gastric sleeve operation. Throughout the process, Dr. Heydari and his exceptional team moved mountains to assist me in being prepared for this life changing procedure. I never felt that I was not in the hands of a master of his craft, and I am grateful for his kind manner, his wisdom, and his dedication to his patients.

David A. Zipp, JD, MA
Attorney at Law

Mary Barchard says:

Dearest Dr. Heydari,
Thank you for your passion for health and wellness, your gifts as a surgeon and your compassionate heart! I am blessed to have met you and receive a second chance. You are such a blessing and I am grateful for the tools your skills and knowledge provide.

Janice Porter says:

Dr. Heydari – i’m just beginning my journey ,only two months in , but I knew from the moment you walked into the office that you were the surgeon for me. You and your staff made a scary time much easier. I thank you again you were definitely the right choice.

Diana Johnson says:

Hi! Thank you for helping me get my life back. The weight loss has empowered me to stand up for myself and make life changes that will be positively impacting my life. It is rough right now, but I have faith things will work out and once the craziness subsides, my body will take advantage of these changes. Your positivity and the teams positive vibes help so much. Sometimes I come in for my visit feeling like to biggest failure on the planet but leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Thank you!

Sue Wells says:

Thank you for being such a caring Dr. I feel like I have a new, happy, and productive life. You have developed a wonderful program that I share with many that ask how I lost so much weight.
Thanks from my husband and family also!!!

Joy Holm says:

My life has changed so dramatically since you did my bariatric surgery. I’ve had so many obstacles in my path. One big one that I just couldn’t overcome by myself was my weight. Challenges left and right drove me to bariatric surgery. Your support group that you set up is the best!
As a surgeon, I knew you had steady hands when you did surgery on me way back in 1996. No scar and no problems after. When i heard you were doing bariatric surgery, I felt an instant trust in you, I couldn’t be in better hands to go thru this process.
Since my surgery I am able to live life and not from a recliner like before. I love getting dressed in the mornings. I look at my life now and wish I would have done this many many years ago.
You are an amazing person and I want to thank you for helping me realize that I can have a better thinner life.
And my husband thanks you for his new (girlfriend, lol) ME!

Dana Wiley says:

Thank you for giving me the tool to lose over 200lbs to date. You have blessed me with a new healthier life for me and my family. Words do not tell enough of my my gratitude for what you do for all your patients. You are an amazing leader in and out of your office.

Diane Kick says:

Dr. Heydari took me in as a patient when nobody else would because I first had a lap band procedure with another surgeon. He revised my lap band to a gastric bypass last June and I have had amazing results. Even with a few complications he has always been there with his expertise and his warm smile to make me feel like everything is going to be just fine. My life was miserable existence before my revision surgery. Thank you so much Dr.H for letting me smile again in the morning. 🙂

Pam Meyers says:

Dr. Heydari I want to thank you for taking the time to know me and to help turn my life around. I will do everything I can to make you proud of me.

Linda York says:

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. thanks to you I’m going to live a long life and enjoy my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. you are wonderful!!!

Barb Rieke says:

Thank you for saving my daughter, Jeri Ann’s life. We are so fortunate to have you for her doctor. You are a very compassionate, thoughtful, and especially gifted surgeon. We can’t thank you enough.
God bless you.
Barb Rieke

Donna Medinger says:

I would like to thank Dr. Heydari for changing my life. With my current weight loss I now have the self-esteem I had lacked for so many years. I feel wonderful and don’t know that I would have survived if I hadn’t gone through with the surgery. Thank you from the bottom of heart for all you do.

Lynda Jeris says:

You are not only the best surgeon I know but a very kind and compassionate man. You’re Bariatric program is so complete and helpful as it covers any and every area of concern. Thank you Dr. Heydari from me and from my husband who you’ve done surgery on in the past as well.

Susan McMullen says:

Dr. Heydari,
Your great compassion, knowledge and skill is a gift to all of your patients. You have helped many members of my family and for that I am grateful. It is a great comfort to know that you are here among Centegra’s finest physicians. Thanks for all that you do and have done for so many.

Karen Maurer says:

I would LOVE to thank Dr Heydari! After years – my whole life- of a roller coaster of weight loss–
I finally found the solution. I had lap band surgery, and regret not having it done 20 years earlier. Dr Heydari and all his staff members are absolutely wonderful!
Thank You

Richard & Gloria Bruyere says:

We would like to Thank Dr Heydari, he was a light in a dark tunnel with Richard. We had spent almost 6 months on Richard’s problem with his esphogus/stomach area at a local gastronologist and getting no where. We were needing some answers and quickly as he was not getting any better, but worse. The gastronologist could not find anything wrong and didn’t where going to put him on medicine that they ‘thought’ might help but didn’t know. Dr Heydari’s current patient, Joe Bennett recommended Richard calling his Dr, whom Joe respects and trusts him with his life. Joe and Richard are life long friends. Both have had Gastric Bypass surgery. Richard called Dr Heydari after Joe called and spoke with Dr Heydari to see if it would be OK to have Richard call. Dr Heydari called back almost immediately, we got Richard’s records over and within a week Dr Heydari saw Richard, did the endoscopy and then requested we scheduled the following week the CT scan, which we have tomorrow 10/16/15. Even though he found nothing with this, he did balloon the opening to stomach and to intestine, and Richard hasn’t had any further problems eating as he had the past 6 months. We aren’t still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the problem yet, but will continue to work with Dr Heydari until it is resolved. We are thankful for his compasson and his quickness to help Richard get to the bottom of whatever is going on. Richard was not yet a patient until last week, and he will now is and wants to do his yearly follow up appointments with Dr Heyari in the future.

Thank you so much. We are very grateful for your time and your caring attitude.
Gloria and Richard Bruyere

Nicole Aavang says:

Dr Haydari.
I just want to thank you for giving me a second chance at life!…

Nicole Aavang

Mary Bouchard says:

Thank you Dr. Heydari. The gastric bypass has saved my life. I feel so much better. The quality of my life is improved. I have been able to maintain my weight loss since my surgery in 2013.

Deborah Skozek says:

I have had seventeen major surgeries, the last two under Dr. Heydari. He is far and away one of the most respectful and caring surgeons I’ve encountered. I know that his surgical skills are what spared me from coming home with a colostomy. He also came to see me every day I was hospitalized and knew many of the nurses by name. My family and I are most appreciative of all the care and concern Dr. Heydari showed me. When I thanked Dr. Heydari, he said, “I was just doing my job.” No ego trip, no condescending attitude. He is also forthright and honest about what may happen during surgery and educates the patient (he even draws pictures). Even when I called his office with a post-op problem, Dr. Heydari responded immediately and alleviated my fears. My only wish for Dr. Heydari is that he enjoy a long and happy life. I must also add that all of his staff are equally helpful and kind.

Melissa Rhino says:

Thank you again and again Dr. Heydari for the excellent care that you have given to me before, during, and after my surgery. You go above and beyond in your job as a doctor and it shows in the care that you give to all your patients. I have heard from many patients and their family members as to the excellent care that you have given to them. I now can count myself along with them. I felt so at ease when I went in for my surgery as I know that I was in the BEST of hands of my surgeon!

Thank you again Dr. Heydari from the bottom of my heart!
You are ONE in a MILLION!!!!!!

Megan Wangall says:

Dr. Heydari,

I have never seen a physician be so kind to the nurses and techs. He was so respectful. He was so down to earth and friendly.

Donna Dermont says:

Thank you Dr. Heydari for taking such great care of me and my daughter over the years. Your reputation for compassion and clinical expertise are legend. You Rock!

Carol Shanley says:

Our paths have crossed in the hall, but I have never officially thanked you for your fantastic care last year while my kidney was dying. I had called you because I had thought once again I was having a hernia problem but when you determined it was my kidney, you kept me under your personal care after admitting me. You brought me back to a stable enough position to transfer me up to Mayo where the doctors there actually just continued the treatment you had already started. They were quite impressed that a surgeon had taken care of my infusion needs. After many months of treatment, colon resection and kidney transplantation, I can now lead a normal life. There are not enough words to thank you so very much for saving my life. You are the BEST!

Mary Osborne says:

To say you changed my life is the understatement of the century! My entire life I was overweight and by my 30’s I had resigned myself to a life of obesity. It was all I ever knew and had tried so many times from early adolescence to adulthood to lose weight. All my attempts failed miserably. For years I said I would have a gastric bypass in a minute if the opportunity presented itself. Four months after working at Centegra I saw a flyer for the Bariatric informational meeting. It took some time but I talked myself into calling and reserving a spot. Though I always said I would have the surgery if I could, it was terrifying to think it might actually happen. After all, being obese was all I had ever known. You spoke at the informational meeting and I knew the second you finished speaking that I was going to have it done. I had complete faith in you and I was willing to put my life in your hands. You have been so kind, compassionate and encouraging. I am 9 months post op and have lost 125lbs. I am now living a life I never thought possible! For the first time in my adult life I actually feel like I am living life and not just existing. If it weren’t for your skill, your kindness and your dedication, I would have never had surgery. I will never be able to express enough gratitude for what you have done! Thank you Dr. Heydari!

Melissa Kizer-Denato says:

I LOVE YOU! You have given me a chance to live and enjoy life! You and your staff are absolutely wonderful!

Dana Wiley says:

Thank you so much to Dr. Heydari and staff for giving me my life back. I cannot believe how much my life has changed since having RnY earlier in the year 2013. You give me all the tool to be successful, and the post op support has been amazing. Thanks again. I am so proud to be a patient and a success story!

Vikki Gorski-Eicherl says:

Dr. Heydari and Staff,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for giving me the tools, education and support that has helped me to be the person I am today. I’m 11 months post-op (full bypass) and have lost over 125 lbs. I feel fantastic and would love nothing more that to be a part of your mission; motivating and encouraging those who are where I was at the beginning of my journey. A heartfelt thanks to you all for helping me to rediscover myself. You truely are a special group of people. 🙂

denise heisner says:

Thank you for all you do. And that includes your partners in your practice. Dr. Schwaab saw me oncall because I was having problems. He helped with the problem but I still will followup with you. I was so nervous and he was a pillar of calm. Your surgerical group totally rocks. Just wanted to let the world know that the centegra weight loss center totally rocks also. Thank you for giving me my life back. I am now down 150lbs, which is more than my original goal. Denise Heisner

Cheri Campbell says:

I would like to take a moment and thank Dr Heydari for every kind thing he has done for me. He is not only a skilled physician and surgeon but is also a wonderful, compassionate and genuine human being. It is rare to find a Dr. in this day and age who is so genuine and actually cares about what happens to people. I had 2 surgeries done by him. One was the gastric by pass and I have lost 110 pounds and feel great! I feel so blessed to have him as my Dr. I hope that if you are in need of a Dr that you see Dr Heydari. I’m positive you will be very happy.

Thank you Dr Heydari!!


Suzy says:

Thanks for always being available for questions for patients and staff! I am always confident when I assure the patients that their surgeon is the BEST! Happy Doctor’s Week!

Gloria Kessler says:

Dr. Heydari,

It’s been over four years and I am still in awe over the way my life has changed for the better since my surgery. You have given me the tools, care and support that I needed to make this journey possible. I know my success is due to your dedication to your practice. You show your patients every day how very much you care about us and there are not enough words to thank you!

denise heisner says:

Thank you Dr. Heydari for helping to give me the tools to regain control of my life. I am almost to my goal after 2 years . Thank you.

Phyllis says:

Not only are you an exemplary surgeon but you are a very kind and compassionate human being.

Thank you for saving my life.

Susie says:

Dear Dr. Heydari,

Thank you for taking such wonderful, skillful, and compassionate care of our patients at the Weight Loss Surgery Center. Being a part of the transformation of their lives to being healthier and happier is such a joy. I am proud to work side by side with you in our Center of Excellence.

A thinner Al Zemaitis says:

Dr. Heydari,

Thanks for working with me and making life better. Keep up all the Great work

K.S. says:

Thank you so much for giving me the tool to transform my life. Your support and resources are a great bonus to guarantee my success. The dedication and knowledge you have for the program is incredible. You are an angel in disguise to not only me but to the hundreds of other patients you have led down the road of a healthier, happier life. For that I am forever grateful.

You are the best

Anonymous says:

Thank you Doctor Heydari, for your wonderful and compassionate weight loss surgery program.

Anonymous says:

thank you dr. heydari for your wonderful care

Lisa Sullivan says:

Thank you for always being caring and compassionate. I have never felt rushed or like a nusiance if I had a question or concern. I feel blessed to have such an amazing doctor!

Kevin and Mary says:

Thank you Dr. Heydari! You are an amazing man who has given our family the amazing gife of LIFE! You should be so proud of your Center of Excellence in Weight Loss.

Patti Pawlisz says:

Dear Dr. Heydari,

I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life in better condition than I was 6 months ago. You have given me a whole new life and outlook and now I am training for that Tri-Athlon with real vigor. I will never forget you and you will always be my favorite DOCTOR

Sue Frihart says:

No words can express how much your skill and compassion have changed my life. Thank you for giving me one that I can live the way I want through the weight loss surgery. You and your staff have been wonderful. Thank you.

Karen says:

Thank you for your genuine compassion and understanding. You are truly an outstanding physician/surgeon,and person. I have experienced this firsthand as a nurse in same day surgery, and as a patient. It takes a truly special person to posess such awesome skills both as a surgeon and as a person. Thanks for never making me feel like I was rushed, or that my questions were stupid.

Lisa O’Neil says:

Thanks for your genuine commitment to your patients and your profession. Everyone I refer to you has an outstanding outcome and makes a point to let me know how much they love being your patient.

Thanks also for your engagement in the NWH blog on your patients. We are very blessed at Centegra to have a physician of your caliber.

Joan & Jack says:

Hello from Amarillo, Texas. We are on our way to AZ to start our search for communities where we may like to end our journey that began with your surgeries. We have two scales packed, one for us and one for our food. We couldn’t let the week pass without thanking you for all that you have done to change our lives. We plan to move to AZ as two much healthier seniors, ready to find new adventures. You are amazing, your compassion as a person really enhance your excellent skills as a surgeon. We’d love to pack you up and take you with us a year from now. (Monica might not like that) I also wanted to share my latest good news! I did not have to pack my CPA. no more sleep apnea.

P.S. We are really saving money on food this trip…thanks again to a wonderful physician and person.

Gloria Kessler says:

Dr. Heydari, the words “Thank You” are not enough to show my appreciation for everything you have done to change my life. You are an extremely skilled tauma, general and bariactric surgeon. You have saved and touched many lives. For this we all thank you. You have shown great compasion for all of your patients and let us know that we are not just cared for, we are cared about. My life has truly changed for the good for having met you. Thanks for all you do!

Connie Castillo says:

I can’t say ever express enough how thankful I am that you helped me to get myself and my life back. I chose you for my bariatric surgery for many reasons. You are a very skilled and professional doctor, but aside from that, you are the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever met. Not just for the surgery, either, but for years after, too. You take pride in what you do and you are genuine to the people you help. This shows when you talk about your work and the bariatric program. Thank you for being you.

Linda LIebmann says:

I can never thank you enough for helping me become on the outside the person I always knew I was on the inside. Its rare to find a doctor who has such a genuine connection with patients. I feel blessed to be under the care of you and your whole fabulous staff!

Lori Baldwin says:

Thanks for having patience with all my issues! You are an excellent doctor and I’m so glad to have met you.

Marla Watson Pfleger says:

Dr. Heydari,

There will never be enough words or time to properly thank you in the amount that I would like to. You have saved our family more than once. Thank you for saving my life and the life of my daddy more than once. You are a God send to me and I will always be grateful to having found you.

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