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Endocriology, Diabetes and Metabolism

American Board of Internal Medicine



University of Tennessee at Memphis


Loyola University Medical Ctr. - Stritch School of Medicine
Internal Medicine


Chicago Medical School

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Thank You Achal Garbharran, MD

John Switzer says:

Dr. Garbharran,

Thanks for being so thorough and caring for both myself and Kathy. I have appreciated your care and genuine concern. In this day of hurry, hurry, hurry….of quick in and quick out…I have appreciated how you explain things and want to make sure I understand things as well.
The problem now is….you are so good, I have to wait months to get in to see you. Good for you..bummer for me! But we are catching on now.
John Switzer

Katie Morris says:

Dr. Ahmed,
I want to thank you for taking such good care of me with all of my endocrine issues. You care so much and have made such a difference in my wellbeing. I enjoy my visits with you and appreciate your dedication and the knowledge you share. You have made a huge difference in my life.
Sincerely, Katie Morris

Stacey Hauck says:

I have been searching for the right Endocrinologist and after many years I have finally found the one. I learned more from Dr. Ahmed in my one hour visit than I have in many visits from other Doctors over the years. Hashimoto’s is very complex and she took the time to go over all of my symptoms and address my overall health,not just my thyroid numbers. After my first appointment I felt relief that I was going to finally get the help and care that I have needed. To Dr. Ahmed and her staff, “thank you”, you have been a breath of fresh air!

Ayesha Khan says:

Thank you so much Dr Ahmed for being so patient, so kind and so approachable. I look forward to seeing you during every visit because you hear me out so patiently and answer all my questions., clear all my doubts and give me hope and confidence. Thank you for everything. Thank you for just being you.

Vasanthi Prabhaker says:

Thank you for the passion with which you interact and treat patients. I truly enjoy working together in your team!

Anna Nowell-Gandara says:

Dr. Ahmed is a great doctor. She listens to you, takes the time to explain what tests and treatments are available to you, and makes you feel like she really cares. She was the first doctor to consider testing me for a serious condition that was causing havoc in my body. Most other doctors never listened to me and refused to test me at all. When my test came back positive, I was able to find further treatment and I can finally say that I am healthy after being seriously ill for over three years. I was able to finish college and start working again. I got my life back! Dr. Ahmed made it all possible and I can never thank her enough. I highly recommend her! Thank you Dr. Ahmed!

Stan Stanton says:

Dr. Ahmed is a dedicated professional who takes the time to listen to and explain in clear everyday language with her patients. I am a 65 year old male and she is by far the best doctor I’ve had the pleasure of having treatment with. She spends more than adequate time with each visit, and is always on time and does not leave a patient hanging. Her knowledge in her chosen field is outstanding. I am very fortunate to have her managing my diabetes and prolonging my life. Thank you Dr Ahmed! She also has an excellent support staff.
I look forward to each visit.

Nicola Nelson says:

Dr. Ahmed is an astounding physician. In this day and age where patients are lucky if their physicians spend more than 5 minutes with them, Dr. Ahmed is a breath of fresh air. She takes the time to really listen, she communicates clearly and completely with patients, and she commits to formulating a well-thought-out plan of care. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her.

Randi Barbon says:

Dr Ahmed is a very passionate physician who takes personal interest in her patient’s well being. She sets high expectations and in the course of working with her your Diabetes is well controlled. Thank you!

Valerie says:

From the very first visit to each and everyone after……. Dr. Ahmed, takes time with her patients, she really listen’s to you. She explains to you in depth so you will understand and will not let you walk out the door until you understand everything. Honestly words cannot express how wonderful she is………Dr Ahmed cares about her patients and when she says she is going to do something, she does it. If I could go to Dr Ahmed for everything I would.
Again I cannot express how much she means to me and my family. Dr Ahmed Thank you
You have touched my heart……..

Jon G says:

The best you could ask for.

Dr. Ahmed and Cathy are both very responsive. Explinations are clear but you are not talked down to.Diabetes is a terriable thing, These two professionals give you hope to not let it affect your day to day quality of life.

Thanks for everything.

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