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New technology supports in-person interpreters at Centegra

Centegra Health System has implemented new technology that will support the its on-site interpreters. The technology, known as Interpreter On Wheels, is now available at the hospitals in Huntley, McHenry and Woodstock and will bring an even greater level of quality care to patients.

240 languages — and 24/7 availability

Interpreter On Wheels offers video translation in the top 34 most-requested languages, including Spanish and certified American Sign Language interpretation available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This covers 98 percent of the demand for interpretation services. However, if a patient speaks a language that is not offered via video, 240 languages are available by audio, 24/7.

To use the system, Centegra employees simply roll the technology device to wherever it is needed.

“Having both in-person and technical resources to help patients with limited English proficiency is critical for quality care of our patients,” said Dena Battaglia, OSSM, Manager Operations Guest Services at Centegra Hospital-McHenry. “For example, when patients leave the hospital, they must take all medications as prescribed and carefully follow doctor’s orders. If patients don’t understand these instructions, they are at high risk of being readmitted to the hospital.”

Meets security, privacy and industry standards

The Joint Commission — a governing body that oversees the nation’s hospitals — requires that hospitals use medically trained interpreters for limited English proficiency patients. Interpreter On Wheels is compliant with this requirement and is HIPAA-compliant, too, offering secure, private, end-to-end encrypted video and audio.

“Additionally, there is a privacy feature for examination purposes where the medically trained interpreter cannot view the patient but the patient can view the interpreter,” Battaglia said. “This technology will help patients feel more comfortable and get the crucial health care information they need.”