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5 Exercises to Prevent an Aching Neck

5 Exercises to Prevent an Aching Neck

5 Exercises to Prevent an Aching Neck One of the things many of us take for granted is a pain-free neck. It's only when we have a stiff or painful neck that we wish we had taken preventive measures. The exercises discussed below are to strengthen and stretch a normal neck. read more

CT lung screening saves lifelong smoker

Martha Kreider

Lake in the Hills 74-year-old won’t need radiation after surgery at Centegra Hospital-McHenry By: Nicole Franz Martha “Marty” Kreider had been putting off a follow-up low dose CT lung screening. The 74-year-old Lake in the Hills resident had received her first screening at Centegra Health System in the past, and when life got read more

When should a tremor cause concern?


A tremor is a neurological condition that causes a person’s hands, head, legs or trunk to shake. It affects men and women equally. There are two reasons for concern about a tremor. It might bother or impair you during normal activities and possibly cause you embarrassment. It might lead to excessive read more

You can head off stress fractures

Woman massaging her painful leg calf.

Whether you're an avid basketball player or a weekend hiker, you may be at risk for a stress fracture if you overdo it. A stress fracture occurs when you increase the length or intensity of your workout too quickly. Your muscles become so tired by the extra work that they transfer read more

Old makeup can cause serious eye infections

makeup products

That mascara wand can do more than just make your lashes longer. It can also give you an eye infection. Every year, many women end up with eye infections from cosmetics. In rare cases, women have been temporarily or permanently blinded by an eye cosmetic, according to the FDA. Eyelashes naturally have read more

Introduction to menopause

What is menopause? When a woman permanently stops having menstrual periods, she has reached the stage of life called menopause. Often called the change of life, this stage signals the end of a woman's ability to have children. Many health care providers actually use the term menopause to refer to the period of read more



What is insomnia? You’ve probably had nights when you couldn’t fall asleep, no matter how desperately you tried. When you can't sleep, the ticking of the clock only reminds you of your exhaustion and the endless hours until morning. And perhaps you finally drop off around dawn, only to be jarred awake read more

Easy ways you can safeguard your sight

safeguard your sight

Every year, thousands of Americans injure their eyes or damage their vision. Follow these guidelines to help protect yourself and your family. Everyday eye care precautions These suggestions will help protect your eyes while following your daily routine: Wear plastic safety goggles when working with household cleaning products, weed-killers, fertilizers, and other chemicals read more

Dehydration and heat stroke

fresh up hot day with drinking cool water outdoor park in summer

The danger of dehydration and heat stroke Dehydration and heat stroke are two very common heat-related diseases that can be life-threatening if left untreated. What is dehydration? Dehydration can be a serious heat-related disease. It is also a dangerous side effect of diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Children and people over the age of read more

8 steps to getting healthier sleep

Woman Sleeping

Sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Though sleep needs vary from person to person, the National Institutes of Health recommend adults get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and depression. In read more