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Vascular screening: Find out about your heart health

Allan Haase, 65, knows now that if he hadn’t gone to get his heart checked out in January, he might not be here today. Fortunately for him, a visit to the Centegra Wellness on the Move mobile health unit uncovered blockages in the arteries in both his legs.

That discovery led to an appointment with his primary care doctor, a referral to a cardiologist and further testing. When that testing revealed a critical 95 percent blockage in one of the arteries to Haase’s heart, he immediately went in to emergency heart surgery.

“What started as a 15-minute vascular screening became a quadruple bypass in less than a month,” Haase says.


The emergency bypass was performed at Centegra Hospital–McHenry under the skilled hands of Thomas Hinkamp, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon.

Centegra offers a continuum of cardiac care that includes screenings, advanced cardiac procedures and rehabilitation. Haase’s case proves the need for this entire scope of services.

“The value of screening is that there are some people walking around with no idea that they have vascular disease,” Dr. Hinkamp says. “If that can be uncovered, people can be made aware that they are at greater risk for heart failure, stroke or heart attack.”

Once people know their risks, they can be put on a path to receiving the treatment they need—just like Haase, who is now feeling great.

Not that he had any doubts.

“The technology and staff at Centegra are so good, I knew I would come out OK,” he says.


Can a 30-minute, $129 screening add years to your life? Find out if you are at risk for stroke or heart disease. Make an appointment for a vascular health screening or comprehensive men’s or women’s package screening on the Centegra Wellness on the Move mobile health unit. Call 877-CENTEGRA for dates, cost and locations.