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Frequently Asked Questions


When are visiting hours?

Click here for more information on visiting hours and policies.

How do I contact a patient?

To contact a patient, call the hospital where he or she is staying. The main telephone line will help you transfer to a patient room, or a friendly operator will assist you.

Do I need to bring anything with me to register?

Yes, Please bring:

  • A photo ID
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Your physician’s order

Why do I need to provide a picture ID and my insurance card every time I come to the hospital?

Centegra needs to verify your personal and insurance information each visit to protect your identity.

Can I pre-register for upcoming services?

Yes, when you have made a decision and are ready to have your services, contact our scheduling department at (815) 334-5566, or click here for more information. This will help expedite your service the day you arrive.

Does Centegra Health System accommodate patients who speak limited English?

Yes, visit Pre-Registration, or call (815) 334.3886 for more information about our Language Assistance Program.

Can I see newborn baby pictures online?

Centegra partners with to provide online access to photos of our newborns. Families can securely share their exciting news with their loved ones.

When is the hospital cafeteria open? What services does it offer?

Visit Your Hospital Stay Overview for information on Centegra Health System’s cafes and coffee carts.

Billing/ Insurance

How do I pay my bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill, including online, in person and by mail. For more information, call (815) 338-2544.

Will Centegra Health System bill my insurance?

Yes, please bring your insurance card on the day of your service. You will also need to bring along any insurance forms your insurance company requires such as:

  • Accident form
  • Claim form
  • Coordination of benefit form
  • Pre-existing condition form
  • Any other health forms you think may be needed.

Do I need to pay my co-pay or deductible at the time of service?

Similar to your visits to your physician’s office, we require your coinsurance, co-payment and/or deductible to be paid at the time of service. We accept cash, check, money orders and credit cards.

If I don’t have insurance coverage, will I be seen?

Centegra Health System will not withhold or delay emergency services because of a patient’s inability to pay. Centegra Health System offers a variety of payment alternatives such as discounts, interest-free payment plans, and assistance with enrollment for State and Federal Programs along with our own Financial Assistance Program. Contact a Financial Counselor to discuss your particular financial situation:

  • Centegra Hospital-McHenry: (815) 759-4237
  • Centegra Hospital-Woodstock: (815) 334-3946
  • Centegra Hospital-Huntley: (815) 759-4237

Can I find out the cost of a test or procedure?

Yes, please call (815) 759-4308 to receive estimated pricing information on procedures or surgeries.

I gave my insurance to my doctor. Why don’t you have it?

Your physician has a separate billing system than the hospital. In addition, your insurance benefit coverage may be different for physician services than it is for hospital services.

Do I need to let my insurance company know that I will be receiving services before I come to the hospital?

Insurance coverage varies between plans and employer groups. It is best if you contact your insurance provider to discuss any pre-certification requirements prior to your arrival.

How do I know if my insurance company will pay for services provided by all professional providers (e.g. anesthesiologist, radiologist, and pathologist) involved in my treatment?

Contact your insurance company directly. Centegra Health System does not know if each professional provider is contracted with your insurance company.