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Parenting 101

Parenting comes with its unique set of challenges, with children often fighting you every step of the way. When frustrated, it is of great benefit to stick to a few basic guidelines. Do rather than Do Not: Tell your kids what you want them to do rather than what you read more

What To Tell Kids When Tragic Events Occur

Tragic Family Events

It can be scary for both adults and children when tragedy occurs. Amidst coping with the tragic event themselves, adults are often faced with how to help their children handle new and frightening emotions. Although children and teens are typically resilient when traumatic events occur, it can be helpful to read more

Healthy Use of Technology for Children and Teens

Safe Use of Technology

In addition to ensuring the safe use of technology, it is additionally important to develop and strengthen healthy habits from a young age. While some sources of media can improve crucial skills, the majority of sources are shown to hinder developmental processes. The frequent use of technology makes building healthy read more

Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Adequate sleep is crucial for children and teens for several reasons. Among the most important are physical and mental well-being. Getting enough sleep helps the immune system prevent illnesses and also helps the brain regulate emotions. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends just how much sleep children need: Infants (4-12 read more

Safe Use of Technology for Children and Teens

Safe Use of Technology

Children are growing up with the internet and use of technology. It is impossible for the current generation of children and teens to escape daily electronic use. Times are changing and quickly. It is important to keep up with the growth of technology by teaching your children how to use read more

Building Healthy Self-Esteem

Building Healthy Self-Esteem

“Self-esteem reflects a person’s self-worth, including the person’s beliefs about themselves and the emotional response to those beliefs. It represents the capacity to feel worthy of happiness, to address life’s challenges successfully. Self-esteem is a great predictor of future behavior because your belief in yourself affects how you interact with read more

Parenting Children and Teens with ADHD

Dealing with behaviors characteristic of ADHD can be challenging. It is not abnormal for parents to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and left wondering how to effectively manage hyperactive and inattentive behaviors. Russell Barkley’s Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Workbook provides in-depth information on how to help you succeed as a parent, read more

Substance Abuse and Teens

I was recently browsing through the channels on television and came across a celebrity glorifying the use of marijuana. This particular celebrity was openly using marijuana and laughing at the subsequent effects of the drug. In a nation where many teens already believe the use of marijuana to be nothing read more

Surviving the Early Years: Parenting Tips for Preschool Children

Surviving the Early Years

There are challenges at every stage of child development whether it is potty training, talking back or choosing positive peers. The preschool age has its own unique set of challenges, specifically developing foundational parenting skills to sustain over time. If you are the parent of a preschooler, this information is read more

Family Warm Weather Activities

Baby Twin Boy and Girl Floating on Swim Rings

As the weather gets warmer, it is important to get outside with your children. Not only will they get exercise, they will additionally learn the importance of spending quality time together. Below are some fun activities to do outside as a family. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Together with read more