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We are currently transitioning to a new billing system and look forward to supporting patients throughout this change. If you have a Onebill statement and would like to make a payment, please call 877-906-0020. A representative will be available to assist you.

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Your Feedback Matters! Centegra Updates Bills and Billing Procedures

In response to patient and Associate feedback, Centegra Health System has introduced new patient bills and billing procedures.

For all patient balances that are new as of Jan. 15 or later, patients may receive two user-friendly bills from Centegra:

  • One from the Centegra Physician Care provider who provided their professional care
  • One from the Centegra Health System hospital for additional services received

As always, patients also may receive additional bills from independent providers who were part of their treatment team. In addition to new and improved bills, Centegra also has addressed patient concerns about billing processes and customer service.

If you have questions about your bills, please call the numbers listed on the bills. Thank you.

Facility Fee Patient Notice

Depending on your insurance, you may receive a facility fee for your visit to Centegra Physician Care (CPC) and Centegra Immediate Care Centers. This means the cost of your services is separated into two charges. One charge is for the provider’s services (the “professional fee”) and the other is a hospital outpatient clinic visit charge to cover the facility’s overhead costs including, but not limited to, nursing care, medical equipment and other expenses associated with maintaining high-quality facilities and integrating them with a hospital system to deliver exceptional medical care. You can find a complete list of locations below.

Similarly, you may receive separate charges for laboratory and medical imaging services. This may impact each patient differently depending upon your insurance plan and benefit levels.

Read more about our billing process.