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Onsite Health Clinics

Helping Businesses in McHenry County Invest in Employee Health

Is your organization committed to improving employee wellness and productivity? Centegra Onsite Health Centers can support you by making care available at your workplace.

Centegra Onsite Health Centers are staffed by a certified nurse practitioner and/or registered nurse and may operate part time or full time, depending on the needs of your business. Costs for clinic operation, staff and visits are fixed, as opposed to billing each visit through insurance. This cuts your costs in half by greatly reducing medical claims from visits to physician offices or urgent care facilities. In our experience, businesses who partner with us have received more than 100% return on investment.

Centegra providers collaborate with primary care physicians to help manage the health care needs of your employees. The Onsite Health Center staff provides a range of health and wellness services.

For More Information

For information about Centegra’s Onsite Health Centers, please contact Centegra Corporate Health.