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How to lose weight

The Centegra Healthy Living Institute

Comprehensive Nutrition Services for Weight Loss, Heart Health and Chronic Illness

Centegra Health System’s team of registered dietitians offers a variety of programs, as well as individual consultations, to help you incorporate healthy nutrition habits into your daily life, reverse obesity and maintain a healthy weight. Say goodbye to quick-fix diet plans that don’t work—the dietitians at Centegra can show you how to make long-term changes that produce positive results, like eating a heart healthy diet and finding healthy snacks that satisfy.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Healthy eating habits and a healthy weight are vital to your lifelong wellness and are especially important when battling chronic or acute illnesses. Registered dietitians at Centegra specialize in general nutrition counseling, weight management and nutrition therapy for several medical conditions, like diabetes, oncology and cardiology.

Most insurance plans cover Medical Nutrition Therapy when provided by a registered dietitian, but do require a doctor’s order. We offer plans to meet every budget.

For more information on medical nutrition therapy, visit the Centegra Healthy Living Institute or call 877-CENTEGRA.

General Nutrition Counseling

A registered dietician will provide a nutrition assessment and counsel you on nutrition and lifestyle changes that promote and sustain your health. Our dietitians develop personalized meal plans based on a person’s medical, cultural and nutrition history including weight management, food allergies, sports nutrition, heart health and more. Our visits include label reading, meal ideas, grocery shopping tips, recipes and more.

Weight Management

At Centegra, we understand that not everyone follows the same path to achieve their weight management goals. We offer a variety of nutrition services to meet all the diversified needs of our patients. Services range from partial to full meal supplementation, weight-loss surgery, clean eating plans and calorie-controlled eating plans.

Diabetes Center

Nutrition management is a key factor in the treatment of diabetes and pre-diabetes. At the Centegra Diabetes Center our goal is to teach you the skills to achieve glycemic control and prevent or delay the onset of complications. Our dedicated and highly trained registered dietitians use a variety of tools and methods to educate and help you make appropriate food choices with personalized meal plans and lifestyle changes. By putting the skills and knowledge attained into practice, our goal is to help you manage diabetes successfully.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for diabetes education, please call 815-334-5566.

Oncology Nutrition Services

Board-certified specialists in oncology nutrition can help manage the unique needs of cancer patients and survivors. Topics include eating well to improve healing, managing side effects of therapy, eating difficulties and body weight changes. As a cancer survivor, you will learn ways to make adjustments in what you eat and how you live.

Visit Oncology Support for more information.

Cardiology Nutrition Services

If you have heart disease, meet with a registered dietician to learn more about a heart healthy diet that’s right for you. During your visit, topics such as how to lower sodium intake, learning the difference between dietary fats, reading food labels, selecting healthy menu items while dining out, cooking for heart health and improving your lipid values may be covered.

Visit Heart and Vascular Prevention for more information.

Other Nutrition Services

  • Grocery store tours: Grocery shop one-on-one with a registered dietitian
  • Nutrition lectures
  • Advanced performance nutrition analysis: A registered dietitian creates a customized nutrition plan to help active individuals get optimum nutrition to meet their exercise and fitness goals
  • Recipe analysis: A registered dietitian analyzes your recipes for calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral content and suggests improvements
  • Nutrition in the workplace: Centegra Corporate Health offers health risk appraisals and numerous health promotion programs to help employees lead healthier, richer lives