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Wound & Hyperbaric Center FAQs

How can I get help from the Centegra Wound & Hyperbaric Center?

You can call the Centegra Wound & Hyperbaric Center directly or be referred by your doctor. Please call (847) 802-7300 to schedule an appointment.

What causes non-healing wounds?

Diabetes, poor circulation, vascular disease, trauma, and immobility are some of the factors that can cause chronic and non-healing wounds. People with diabetes are at particular risk. The Centegra Wound & Hyperbaric Center uses the most advanced therapies available for healing and also addresses the underlying cause of the wound, such as ill-fitting shoes, nutrition, hygiene, or lack of exercise to help eliminate reoccurrence.

How long until a wound is considered chronic?

A wound is considered chronic if it has not healed in 4-6 weeks.

Will I have to switch doctors?

No, you do not need to switch doctors. The wound care team works closely with your personal doctor just like any other medical specialist. Your doctor will be completely informed on all aspects of your treatment with frequent progress reports. While you are receiving treatment for your wound at the Center, you will continue to receive all of your routine care from your doctor.

What is specialized wound care?

Once a treatment plan has been initiated, you will visit the Center on a regular basis for specialized treatments and documentation of your healing process. You will also be fully instructed on how to do your own wound care at home between visits, as well as how to protect your wound from further injury. It is very important to remember that you are the most important part of your healing process. Keeping appointments and following directions are critical to attaining a positive healing outcome. When a wound persists, a specialized and comprehensive approach is required for healing.

Will my insurance cover the treatment?

Many health care plans cover Wound & Hyperbaric Center treatments, and we can help you determine what your specific plan covers. A case manager will oversee every aspect of your care.

How do I prepare for treatment?

After an initial consultation and examination at the center, you will receive complete instructions regarding your treatment. In the case of prescribed hyperbaric medicine: for safety reasons there are certain items not allowed inside the hyperbaric chambers. You will receive a complete orientation and instructions before your first treatment.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

You will undergo a thorough diagnostic examination to identify the type of wound and the underlying problems causing the wound. The initial appointment consists of a full assessment to determine:

  • Etiology of the wound
  • Appropriate classification and size of the wound
  • Your overall health status
  • Your ability to comply with needed therapies

Based on the evaluation, a customized treatment plan is developed to optimize the therapies best suited to address your needs.

What should I expect in during hyperbaric medicine treatment?

Once you are comfortably positioned inside the chamber, the pressure will gradually increase and the temperature will temporarily rise. When the desired pressure is achieved, the temperature will be adjusted to your comfort. You may experience fullness in your ears as a result of the increased pressure. The technician will instruct you in ways to help clear the pressure and relieve any discomfort.

Most treatment sessions in the chamber last approximately 90 minutes. When the treatment is completed, the chamber is restored to normal pressure and the interior of the chamber will become cooler.

Can I receive hyperbaric oxygen treatment if I’m sick?

If you have a cold or cough, the flu, sore throat, chills, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, please inform the associates at the Center before your treatment begins. Also, alert the associates to any medications you are taking or changes in medication during the course of your treatment.

Are there any side effects to hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

You may experience temporary vision changes, which should return to normal within a few weeks after your therapy is completed. We recommend that you not change the prescription of your eyewear during the course of your therapy. Some patients experience fatigue during treatment. This is completely normal.

How do I know my wound is healing?

Wound size and depth are documented at the initial visit, and again at each subsequent visit.  Pictures are also taken of your wound to document the healing process.  The clinicians will inform you how your wound is progressing during your visits.