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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Improve Your Respiratory Health

In addition to the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, Centegra Health System offers a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program for patients living with respiratory/lung conditions.

The Centegra Pulmonary Rehabilitation team helps you recover from or live with lung disease. Our knowledgeable Associates teach you ways to improve your respiratory health so you can enjoy your favorite activities. To enter Pulmonary Rehabilitation, you must be referred by a physician. Some tests may be required to set a baseline for your current lung health.

Goals of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Reduce respiratory symptoms
  • Manage anxiety and depression caused by chronic lung problems
  • Increase exercise performance
  • Improve ability to carry out activities of daily life
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce hospitalizations

Phase I—Evaluation and Orientation

During a detailed assessment, you will meet with a nurse who specializes in pulmonary and cardiac care, a respiratory therapist, a registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. They will discuss your lifestyle, health goals, and total environment and develop a customized plan to cover medical, nutritional, and social issues.

Phase II—Outpatient Program

Phase II of Centegra’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program teaches people with lung disease how to exercise appropriately and maintain their lung health. The 12-week hospital outpatient program is tailored to each participant’s needs. Participants attend the sessions two to three times a week for the duration of the program.

During Phase II, our clinicians closely monitor your heart rate, heart rhythm, oxygen saturation levels, and blood pressure. We send reports to your physician to be sure he or she can track your progress. You will also receive education about nutrition and healthy behaviors. Formal education classes are provided and individual nutrition and behavior counseling are also available.

Most insurance companies reimburse for this program. Coverage is based on your individual plan. Please contact your insurance company to obtain approval and clarify your responsibility (if any) for payments.

Phase III—Maintenance Program

Participants in Phase III of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program have either completed the Phase II program or have been previously diagnosed with lung problems. Participants work independently under the supervision of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation team.

Centegra WellBridge Program

Integrated into the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is the Centegra WellBridge Program. This is a wellness membership that promotes community health by providing patients who have completed Phase II or Phase III with a supervised exercise area at Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers at a very low cost. Participants in this program will exercise independently under the supervision of the Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center team.

Benefits include:

  • A 60-day membership for the participant and a support person
  • Access to two convenient locations in Crystal Lake and Huntley
  • More than 200 FREE group fitness classes a week
  • Indoor lap and warm water therapy pools and outdoor pool access
  • FREE WellBridge fitness classes
  • Discounted enrollment should you decide to join Centegra Health Bridge after your membership

A regular, structured exercise program promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle. At Centegra, exercise can be enjoyed under safe conditions with our highly qualified staff available to guide you.


To enroll, contact Pulmonary Rehabilitation at (815) 334-5566.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Centegra Hospital-McHenry is located in Suite B104 in the Medical Office Building adjacent to Centegra Hospital.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock is located in the Ambulatory Care Center.