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Frequently Asked Questions


We want each patient and new area residents to have the best possible access to care. After taking a comprehensive look at the Huntley region’s current and future needs, we determined that our patients and new residents would be best served by a full-service, acute-care hospital in Huntley. As the largest healthcare provider in McHenry County, we view this as a continuation of our commitment to the area. The approval of Centegra Hospital-Huntley also positions us well for the future. It will expand our integrated healthcare network and allow us to ensure coordinated well and sick care in the era of healthcare reform.

Why now?

State data shows that because of population growth, southern McHenry County is one of the few areas in Illinois that is now in need of inpatient beds. The need for a new hospital will only increase in the coming years as the area’s population continues to grow. Now is the right time to plan for the future in the areas we serve.

Why is Centegra focusing on the Huntley area?

For the last 10 years, McHenry County has grown 18.7 percent with the majority of that growth in the southern area of McHenry County, including Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Lakewood and southern Crystal Lake. Centegra has long been committed to those communities through the inpatient and outpatient services and fitness centers that we have already brought to the community. The Centegra Health Campus in Huntley is at the center of that growth and is not close to another acute care hospital. We feel it’s our responsibility to build on our promise by providing additional services, since they are needed.

Why is Centegra the best-suited health system to build this new hospital?

As the only full-service and leading healthcare provider in McHenry County, there is no one better than Centegra Health System to meet the state-determined needs. The Centegra Board of Governors has proven to be an effective group of leaders in greater McHenry County who volunteer their time to ensure we have exceptional health and wellness in our community.

Economic Stability

We’re in the midst of a recession. How can you count on a continually growing population when growth across the country is slowing?

Even in the midst of a recession, the population in this area has continued to grow at a pace that will sustain an additional full-service hospital. The new I-90 interchange in Huntley and the fact that Huntley is leading the Chicago area in new housing starts, are prime indicators of such sustainability.

Will the Immediate Care Center and other Centegra facilities remain open, including Centegra Hospital-Woodstock?

Yes. The expansion of services to Huntley will augment our Centegra integrated delivery model. As always, we will evaluate our programs and services and if necessary, changes will be made and communicated in a timely manner.

Will the new hospital raise the cost of care for patients?

No. In fact, it will be the most responsible and efficient way to coordinate healthcare for our patients across our health system.

How will the new hospital be paid for?

The new hospital will be paid for through a combination of cash, bonds, and donations.

Project Details

What happened to the women’s center that Centegra planned to build in Woodstock?

We took a comprehensive look at our area’s healthcare needs and found that what our patients needed was not only a women’s center, but also a new full-service hospital in southern McHenry County. The new hospital will include a state-of-the-art women’s center with its own entrance.

I see a Centegra doctor at the McHenry or Woodstock campus. Will I still be able to see him/her there?

Many of the physicians on staff at Centegra will continue to see patients at their current locations. In the years to come, we will communicate with you on any changes regarding where physicians see patients.

What outpatient services will the new hospital have?

Centegra Hospital-Huntley will service mostly inpatients. The outpatient imaging center will remain and will address the majority of outpatient imaging needs. Outpatient ED and surgery will be new. A new medical office building is also planned to house additional medical professionals.

What is the trauma level of the new hospital?

Centegra Hospital-Huntley will be a Level 2 Trauma Center, the same as Centegra Hospital-McHenry and Centegra Hospital-Woodstock.  It covers all but the most serious traumas.

Why do plans call for a helipad and will a helipad be safe?

An on-site helipad will ensure that those patients with the most critical needs will receive the lifesaving care they need. Centegra will work with IDOT and the FAA to meet their stringent safety requirements and ensure the safety of patients, staff, and area residents.

Will ambulance sirens annoy neighbors?

We do not anticipate noise levels to be a nuisance to neighbors; however, noise levels will be addressed in the planning process.

What is the plan for additional parking?

Additional parking is being added. We are working with the village of Huntley to create effective parking and meet the required parking spaces.

Will the new hospital cause an increase in traffic in the surrounding area?

Outpatient facilities (such as our existing medical office building and fitness center) have much higher traffic than hospitals. We are working with the village of Huntley and an independent traffic consultant to study any potential impact to local traffic. We also are planning additional entrances to the campus, which will lessen the traffic at the existing entry point.

When can McHenry County residents expect the potential new facility to be up and running?

Now that the project has received approval by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board through its Certificate of Need process, it will take about a year to complete engineering, design and to obtain permits, etc. Construction will take about 30 months and employ 800 workers. We anticipate seeing our first patients in 2016 and plan to employ 1,100 area residents.

Are there any plans for future expansion?

Yes, we have designed the facility with the ability to expand as the community grows.

When will Centegra Hospital-Huntley begin accepting job applications?

At Centegra Health System, we are committed to our Associate’s professional growth and development. We will begin our recruitment and employment for the new hospital with our Centegra team as a continual effort to support our Associate’s professional development. Once we have completed our internal process, we will begin accepting applications from external, community job seekers. As we get closer to the opening of the new hospital, we will advertise and post information on our careers website and our social networks. We are dedicated to hiring individuals who are committed to serving our patients with genuine respect, passionate caring, and a joyful spirit.

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